Broken AL 1 battery door latch

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  1. Hello all,

    I have searched previous threads on this topic but have found nothing that looks like it would work in my case. Although taping the door closed has been suggested, no tape that I have found will hold the door fully closed enough to maintain adequate electric contact for the batteries. Attaching the motor drive as a method of keeping the door closed did not work for me either as the overlap of the drive over the door was not sufficient to keep it tightly closed. I even called Tempe Camera in Phoenix which was mentioned in a previous post to see if they still had a door available, but they do not.
    I am looking for a solution to the broken catch problem that would allow the camera to be fully functional and am not too worried about modifying it or maintaining perfect cosmetics. I considered the possibility of using a dab of epoxy on the door while holding it closed, with batteries inserted, and then cutting the epoxy when the batteries need to be replaced but this seems like a rather extreme measure. I have also considered drilling a very small diameter hole through the battery housing and inserting a tiny screw to hold the door closed. However, the housing appears to be plastic and the hole would have to be drilled so close to the bottom of the housing that there seems to be a good chance that the housing would break from the surprisingly strong spring pressure against the door when batteries are in place.
    If any of you out there has come up with a workable solution (or even has an idea which has potential) I would greatly appreciate appreciate hearing about it from you.


    Jay Ludvigh
  2. The AL-1's battery door is unique to this model. Unfortunately, replacements are fairly expensive relative to the value of the camera. A quick search turned up the following links, but I've never done business with either of these companies:
    Replacement doors also show up occasionally on the infamous auction site.
  3. I use a Canon A-2 winder on mine with no problem, I do not know what Drive you are using Try a shim between the winder and the door or some velcro?
  4. Gaffer tape works well on mine.
  5. hi everyone ,
    My Canon AL-1 has a bad battery door too.
    the lock point is bad , it can't lock the door .
    and my solve :
    solve 1 :
    I cut a Al metal ( nhôm cứng ) , make a plastic screw , you see :
    solve 2: use with Canon Power winder A 2
    now , no problem with my AL-1 , all funtions is perfect .
    I can also set it in the tripod for selt timer.
    hi hi .
  6. Oh, i had this problem with a Canon T70. My solution was to use that two part epoxy that is like modeling clay and form a "ledge" over the battery clip. It looks ugly and has a sort of lump on the end but, so far, it has worked.
  7. Cleaning out the closet, I found a Canon AL1. the latch was broken and the batteries were corroded but there were 2 good lenses. I just bought a body on e-bay for $19.95 plus $8 dollars and some cents shipping. Can't afford a DSLR yet but will start shooting with this to start with to learn more about photography and "depth of field" which my compact digital lacks (my Nikon coolpix). Good luck.

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