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Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by mark_johnson|41, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. I've got an A-1 with the breech lock lens system, and I'd like to know if the newer FD lenses will work on my camera, and vice-versa if the breech lock lenses will work on a new FD camera body.
  2. Breech lock fits F and A series, new FD fits F and A series Canon bodies. FL lenses require stop down metering on all Canon SLR cameras. FD lenses require stop down metering on FT and earlier cameras.
  3. Yes, and yes. Both breech lock and bayonet mount FD lenses will fit any FD camera body. Some people prefer one over the other for various reasons such as perceived build quality, size and weight, but it mainly comes down to personal choice. I think you'll find that a lot of us who collect FD gear have accumulated both types. Personally, if I have a choice between the same lens in breech or bayonet, I'll always go for the one in the finest cosmetic and mechanical condition.
  4. OK, great... I've got a couple of FD lenses, and I'm thinking about going to an m4/3 camera for digital imaging, and it's good to know that if I get an m4/3 FD adapter I can use either the breech lock or bayonet style of FD lens with the adapter.
    Thanks for the help guys.
  5. Paul and Stuart talked about Canon FD bodies. I think it depends on who make the adapter whether they cared and thought about compatibility with both kinds of FD lenses
  6. Mark Johnson,
    Regarding use with an m4/3 FD adapter --- Some Canon lenses are easier than others to set to manual aperture control (so that turning the aperture ring directly adjusts the iris opening). For each lens, you'll need to research how to do this.
  7. Mark
    I use a cheap Jinfinace adaptor (off ebay ) for m4/3 and have done so since the m4/3 system came out. I initially bought it as it was going to take a long time to get the Novoflex one but it has worked so well that I have never needed to upgrade. All lenses fit the adaptor and they are all used stopped down (i.e. not on the A setting). the easiest way is to mount the adaptor on the body then the lens on the adaptor. Once this is done you turn the adaptor ring about 30 degrees to stop down the lens. From this point on you can now change the taking aperture on the lens without needing to touch the adaptor again. Shooting like this on the G1 is unusual as when you change the lens aperure the LCD (or EVF) automatically compensate for the change in light reaching the sensor. All the FD lenses I have tried will work on the G1 and they range from 15mm fisheye through to 300 F2.8.
    On your earlier post the newer FD lens mount system works better with bodies like the New F1 where the old chrome ring system does not allow the aperture to show in the viewfinder (as it is painted onto the lens too far from the Judas window system).
  8. With the breech-lock mount you could press the rear lens cap in place and the locking ring would turn and hold the cap in place until you had a chance to tighten it. It made lens changing easier.
    I use a mix of breech- and bayonet-mount FD lenses with the G-series Lumix cameras. They all work fine, 20 to 400mm. I use the CameraQuest adapter.

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