Breakin' the Law

Discussion in 'No Words' started by Sanford, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. At least three laws are being broken in this photo.

    Carmel Beach 20e_4.jpg
  2. Budapest-Erzsébet-Bridge.jpg
    Well, it was illegal at the time (Warsaw Pact era) to take pictures of bridges [or so I was told], and I think maybe the Soviet Liberation Monument on the hill was off-limits too.​
  3. In handcuffs, under arrest. Guilty-web.jpg
  4. Been used before but we are so law abiding around here it was all I could find;) Clamped_P1030943-520.jpg
  5. In a NYC Subway Station

  6. Untitled 78.jpg University of Memphis Auto Body Workshop on Campus Training......
  7. "Forbidden to throw rubble. 20,000 pesetas fine"
    012a Humor Sarcasmo PROHIBIDO TIRAR ESCOMBROS-CS50.jpg Canon IIb. Canon Serenar 50. Agfapan 200. Rodinal (1:25) 6' 30" at 20ºC

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