Braun Paxette lens on Canon 7

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  1. I understand Braun Paxette lens are M39 screw mount but not all are compatible with Leica screw mount cameras because of the longer lens register. I am using a 50mm f2.8 Staebel Braun on a Canon 7 but wondering which other Braun lens will fit on it? The 85mm f5.6 looks like it should fit but what about the 38mm f3.5 that clearly has a big protrusion? Anyone try any of these on a non-Paxette Leica screw mount camera? Thanks.
  2. Curious, how did you adapt the Paxette lens to the Canon 7?

    Extension tube? (by my reckoning, you'd need a 15.2mm extension - I have an unconfirmed figure of 44mm for the Paxette FFD, vs 28.8 for LTM) What did you do to couple the rangefinder, or are you scale focusing?

    I've always fancied a Paxette, handled a few at camera fairs long past, but never bought one.
  3. oh boy! Now I look like an idiot maybe but see, I bought the lens of fleaBay. The ad said it is for LTM mount so I didn’t realize it was for an entirely different camera system until today when I found the 85mm F5.6 from the ecosystem. All this while, I haven’t been using any adapter for it - just screwed it on the Canon 7!! Does it mean the roll of film i shot is all going to be out of focus? The Canon 7 is my first “serious” rangefinder. Maybe I should stick to SLRs
  4. Wait until the roll is processed before shooting any more, or jumping to any conclusions, but yes, it's likely to be hopelessly out of focus (beyond infinity).

    Some of the lenses available for the Paxette may have also been manufactured in LTM, but the odds of this being the case for any lens with 'Braun' in the name are vanishingly slim. Unofficial one-off modifications may also exist.

    Given the very long flange-film distance of the Paxette (44mm, though I only found one source for that measurement), you may actually have more success adapting the lenses to a SLR, maybe Canon FD or Konica AR? (Check the FFD though).
  5. I'm having a similar problem trying to mount an Industar 50mm, f3.5 on a Zorki e. The Industar threads in easily but stops turning about a quarter turn short of the underside of its flange seating against the mounting flange of the Zorki. I have a Leica Elmar 3.5 whose flange seats flush against the Zorki's flange.
  6. Sigh, not sure why I didn't think of this before but yes, the 50mm f2.8 Braun is pretty much a paperweight. What I did was I tried it on my Canon EOS R with two different adapters - a LTM-to-R and then with a LTM->EF->R adapter. With the former, the lens doesn't focus at all. With the latter (the intermediate EF->R adapter acting as an extension tube), I get some objects in focus but still behaves odd.

    Another oddity, perhaps more to do with the Canon R's MF system, is that with the LTM->R adpater - the Braun 50mm f2.8 brings up the MF focusing guide on the LCD (three tiny triangles on the LCD that must align and turn green when subject is in focus). This is in addition to focus peaking. Neat, I thought because I find it much easier to use the guide over peaking. Then I switch to the Canon 135mm f3.5 and no focus guide. Wait, what!!??! How does the camera know what MF lens is mounted and why does it care? Maybe between f2.8 and f3.5, Canon's algorithms decide there isn't enough light for the focus guide. Hrrrmmmmppphh.

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