Brassing - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

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  1. Black Leicaflex.JPG

    Leicaflex SL with 35mm f2.8 Elmarit R lens.
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    Yes, and Cerebral Palsied me, trips over his own feet, spastic street photograher brasses up enough cameras. Since I buy my cameras used, I buy them with brass and a even a ding or three. That way, I can take them out, run tons of film through them, and come back it do it again and again. They go places, they take pictures, they get used (and I try to take good care of them) and I don't suffer from emotional issues if they get some more brass from using them. I am the only person I know who loves some press corp ugly in cameras.
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  3. I appreciate the look of brassing, and if I can get a good price on a working example I'll take the bargain and accept the condition.

    Here'S The Rolliflex'S brother!


  4. Thanks for dredging this old thread up. I'd say the "bad" & the "ugly" have now been well represented!
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  5. Nikon f Blk. TN.JPG

    Nkon F with Photomic TN meter.

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