Bowens QuadX3000 Heads and reflectors

Discussion in 'Classified' started by matt_haber|1, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Two Bowens QuadX3000 Strobe heads--essentially perfect condition. Includes flash tubes and modeling lights.

    $350 each. (+ shipping)

    Also, reflectors as shown. I'd like $40 for the universal reflectors, which are in EX condition, and $30/20 for the other reflectors (one is Bowens/Calumet branded, and is a little more robust than the Bowens branded one).

    OR $700 for all. I will also throw in the QuadX 3000 power pack, for parts (the caps are shot) (probably makes sense for local to San Francisco pick up if you want the pack).
    IMG_0985.JPG IMG_0985.JPG IMG_0985.JPG IMG_0986.JPG IMG_0987.JPG IMG_0988.JPG IMG_0989.JPG IMG_0990.JPG IMG_0991.JPG (and sorry for the multiple pics of the covered head...can't figure out how to get rid of some without borking all)

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