Best news site/place to look for events in nyc

Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by kah_hoe_wan, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Hey
    Is there any site/place where there are updates of news on riots or protest or anything that is worth photographing in nyc?
  2. I would suppose there are things worth photographing down any street in NYC. Not sure about protest and riots though...maybe try the 911 memorial site. Last I heard, it was a mess over there with the anti-mosque crowd.
  3. Union Square seems to be a magnet every weekend for the whining class.One of my favourite places for street work when I visit.
  4. One wishes there were riots and real protests in NYC..... alas, apathy has got the best of this nation's citizens !
    As long as everyone gots their ipod, cheese-stuffed cheese, and a Starbux on every corner, the gubment can get away with anything and the people won't even bat a fat eyelash.
  5. Seriously. Go to grand central park and pick any direction through and or away from the park and start walking. You will find something. :)
  6. Leslie - the community center that will contain a prayer area is two blocks away from the WTC site. But yes, there may be protests going on - no riots.
    KahHoe - I have to wonder at your request. What makes you think that NYC has riots on a regular basis, so regular, in fact, that the schedule would be published. Protests and protest marches? Sure. That's our First Amendment right. They may be loud. They may be a bit raucous. They are rarely violent. We even have parades, whose schedule is published. You can check the Department of Traffic Website. I believe the most recent riots we had were approximately 30-40 years ago. I can't remember so I wouldn't hold my breath. I still feel that your focus on riots and protests as the sole focus of interesting things in NYC is a little strange considering all that goes on in this city. Javier's advice is good.
    Javier - Grand Central (Station) is a train station (and it is grand!) and there is Central Park (also grand!) so your advice is doubly good.
  7. Gabor - Aux barricades, mes enfants! Or there's the Tea Party (actually, a reason to go to the barricades).

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