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  1. Which mobilephones are in the top three for best cameras and why? Would you select one that has a little less quality in the camera side for better other use from the phone?
  2. nokia pureview 808 - Best resolution, but poor operating system
    Iphone 5 - great apps, great os
    HTC Titan 2 - dedicated camera button and good apps, 16 MP, good os
  3. Steve has the right of it.
    In general I think you are going to hear a lot of live for the iphone cameras. Not because the cameras are the best ever, though they are very good, but because of the whole package (camera, available accessories, apps, etc).
  4. I like android for its ice cream sandwich operating system. I think samsung galaxy three is probably tops out there or as good as iphone 5, I have an htc amaze 4g 8 megapixel. I have to reduce the sharpness tho or it produces artifacts but very good overall.
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    the best cameras in order is nokia 920, HTC One X, iPhone 5. as for OS, i prefer android but might switch to W8 and that HTC.
  6. the best is the iphone 5.. its simple its an apple.
  7. The iPhone is quite good. My understanding is there's little difference between the 4S and 5 cameras, so if looking for something inexpensive $99 for a 16GB 4S would be a good choice.
  8. New to this field, but currently in the market for a smartphone so I've been reading a lot of reviews as well as trying out the different models that various friends and co-workers have.
    This is not scientific, just my opinion based on the the last few weeks of firsthand testing, combined with reports from numerous websites (CNet, Mashable Tech, Wired, etc.)
    iPhone 5 -- One of the best for color accuracy. Hardly any lag time. Tendency toward purple fringing. Low light decent, but I preferred the Samsung more for low light situations.
    Samsung Galaxy SIII -- Not as color accurate as the iPhone 5, but very fast and offers burst mode. One of the best I've seen in low light situations. Seems a good choice for street photography/documentary. Backlit photos frequently show blown out backgrounds.
    iPhone 4 -- Color not as good as the 5, more comparable to the Samsung. More lag time compared to the SIII and the i5. Images seemed a touch soft.
    Nokia Pureview 808 -- Couldn't get my hands on one, all I know is what I've read. 41mp with a large sensor? Really? Crazy. OS seems to be criticized. Not a practical choice for me.
    I also tried the Galaxy SII (meh) and some random Nokias and HTCs (not the One X, or the newer DNA).
    If I had to choose right now it would be between the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Though I would still like to try out the new HTC DNA. Apples arrogance and proprietary nature don't sit well with me, and I like the Android OS (Ice Cream...what's the next gen?)
    AnandTech has a nice series of controlled light images that you can run through to see how various cameras perform.

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