Best landscapes in LA?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by erick_clifford, May 9, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm from Los Angeles but I wanted to ask the experts (you) about nature areas or landscapes where I can make a Photo shoot. It's for a project, all your recommendations are more than welcome.
  2. Santa Monica and Santa Susanna Mountains, the beach, Griffith Park
  3. Technically outside of LA, but SoCal in general, Joshua Tree National Park would be a good destination.
    Again SoCal in general, but for landscapes, check out the state parks:
  4. Things are browning up pretty fast near me (Inland Empire-ish). Can you be a bit less general about what sort of environment you are looking for and how far you might be able to consider traveling? Some parks, etc., can vary with how sensitive they are to what might seem to be professional shoots (like with props, models, lighting,"crews," or the like) and others aren't troubled by it at all. That can depend on how popular a location might be, whether you are working around busy prom and wedding days and things like that. Rolling grassy hills? Oak trees? Rugged mountain? Desert?
  5. Ascot Hills Park, El Matador State Beach, Manhattan Beach Pier, Point Dume State Beach,Terranea Bluff Top Park , White Point Beach
  6. I have not visited LA area often, but the times I have been there, I was quite unsuccessful in shooting landscapes because of the atmospheric haze (or on one visit, the smoke from a wildfire). Are there times of the year when the seemingly everpresent smog does not inhibit good landscape photography?

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