Battery Strob Packs

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by danny_liao, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. I'm in the market for a portable pack. I do mostly portraits so
    recycle time is not a factor for me since shooting portraits is a
    slower process. I would love a Profoto 7b, but I can't afford
    it...pack+head+extra battery=over my budget. So the options that I
    currently know of is a Hensel Porty or a Elinchrom Ranger. Can anyone
    elaborate on either one of them? Or recommend/suggest a portable
    pack? The Hensel is cheaper in price and comes with lots of
    accessories with the kit...wireless transmitter/receiver slave, head,
    TWO batteries, and reflector modifier. The Elinchrom is more expensive
    and the kit comes with fewer toys...head and ONE battery. Of course
    both comes with charger. That's all I know about these packs so far.
    If you own any of these two, please elaborate on reliablity or any
    issues you have or had with the pack.
  2. also look for Comet PMT and Broncolor Mobil.
  3. Hi, Hensel has more than 15 years experience with battery operated systems.Most of the well-known photographers world-wide are using also
    the Hensel Porty systems. It is a very good German product and
    offers a lot of accessories for reasonable prices.Chris

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