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  1. Could anyone who has a SQ range of camera be so kind as to supply me with details of the battery cover sadly gone missing on my SQ-A
    A photo in plan and side view and accurate dimensions would be great
  2. For a replacement part, I'd start here(look under Bronica repair):
    For a manual, try this:
  3. Ian, I had the same sad problem with my SQ Ai. The kind people at Tamron USA were kind enough to supply me with a new one. (which I then taped over to prevent another loss). Good luck.
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    I think ( its a while since I used a Bronica) that the SQA compartment might be different from that of the more recent SQ-Ai, as the latter takes 4 batteries separately, wheras the SQA (I think) takes one 6V battery which in essence is the 4 x 1.5V batteries taped together in a stack.
  5. They are different. SQ, SQa, SQam are one, SQAi is another. I had a bunch of these, at least that's what I remember.
  6. I was actually wanting dimensions so I can make one..
    If anyone can help with accurate dimensions/diagram that would be great
  7. I tellya, for a simple little function, these covers are a pretty complex part!
    For what it's worth I have photo'd and measured (with vernier calipers) one of mine. I dimensioned the views in Photoshop Elements (!) You can find the results at the bottom of my PBase SQ-A Page.
    I do have TurbocAD, but given my limited familiarity with it, I could probably make the part faster than I could draw it.
  8. I wish somene would use a 3D printer to make these. I would be the first customer.
  9. Another note, I use my SQ-A on a tripod for about 99% of its use and the quick release plate fastened on the camera clamps the battery cover down (maybe that's why I still have mine!)
  10. As I understand it, the SQ-A uses the same battery door as the ETR series. Koh's has them for $18, and when they shipped to me it was actual postage only. For a light package it was about $2 to Southern California.
    Install it carefully, and it's less likely to come off. Tape is a big help, too.
  11. Indeed, I just looked at an electronic copy of an ETRSi manual I have and the cover looks the same. They both use the 6v PX28 battery, so that makes sense.
  12. Thank you so much Dave Thomas that's exactly what i was looking for
    I'm just finishing the file to cut them on my cnc machine

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