Batteries for C4 cube flash accessory

Discussion in 'Minox' started by daryl_jorud|1, Dec 4, 1999.

  1. No one seems to be able to find a battery or a substitute battery for
    the C4. Any ideas on how to bring flash units these back to useful
  2. Daryl, the Duracell PX825 battery used in C4 cube flash unit had ceased production and no longer available.
    But unlike camera shutter or exposure meter which need precise voltage, C4 only need 3 volt battery to trigger the flash cube. You may try stacking two or more akaline button cells, shrink wrap with heat shrink tube (from Radio Shack ) and fill the remaining space with metal, in other works, make yourself a PX825 replacement battery.

    Later C4 cube flash used a single 6V PX27 battery.
  3. I'm new to minox photography but I think I have a solution.
    I simply used two PX625 batteries stacked beside each other
    vertically as shown on the flash. They are a tight slip fit in width
    but one must make a clip or any other void filling material to
    prevent them from moving up. You must also connect the terminal on
    the upper right inside the battery compartment to the side of the
    battery pack. I bent a heavy wire to do both jobs.

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