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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by ashleypomeroy, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. One thing has been bugging me for a while. I've had a look through the forums, but I can't find an answer
    (although there are a few threads about putting the copyright notice onto the backs of prints, or adding the
    copyright notice to the EXIF data) - is there an easy, simple way in Photoshop CS2 to take a bunch of images, and
    batch apply a visible copyright notice / logo to all of them? Hundreds of them, in such a way that I can watch
    episodes of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 whilst drinking an ice-cold Pepsi shandy, and Photoshop just chunters
    away in the background question mark?

    It seems like something that would be incredibly simple - porn sites must do it all the time - but I'm baffled as
    to how. Furthermore, it would be great if there was a way of doing this such that the copyright notice is in a
    certain position relative to the edge of the image, no matter the size or orientation of the shot. I like to have
    the notice one pixel in from the bottom-left edge, although I do a certain amount of jiggery-pokery depending on
    the composition of the image (it would be odd to have the model "looking" at the copyright notice, for example,
    and of course it has to show up against a coloured background).

    There are a few forum posts about adding logos, but the tend to involve manually copying and pasting, and they
    don't account for variable image orientation.
  2. You can do it with a Photoshop script and batch operation. How to write that ... well, I could do it if I wanted to spend a day
    learning the transform commands, etc. but I don't have the time.

    iWatermark will batch watermark an arbitrary number of JPEG files to your specification and is cheap, easy.

  3. You can do it easily in Lightroom. You can change the EXIF data for any number of selected files simultaneously, and you can apply a watermark automatically as you export the files for web, print, JPEG, etc.

  4. The problem with the Lightroom option (which is what I use most of the time) is that you don't have any control over font,
    weight and placement, and no logos or graphics. It works well enough for what I use it for (web images, ~800 pixels on the
    long edge @ 72ppi) but is rather inflexible.

    iWatermark is much more flexible for watermarking and it's just $20 ...

  5. Hi Ashley, dont know about changing the data, but for on the print try this. Pick one of your pictures you want to
    copywrite on, click text tool, (dont click on the pic yet), make new set in action palette, name it, then make new
    action and press on record, click on pic with text tool and write whatever you want change size and colour of text,
    and fade if you want in the layer palette, click out of the text and save your pic in the folder you have set up, then
    stop recording, ( if you want to resize them while you are recording do this as well, try it out on a pic to see if it is
    doing what you want, if thats ok then go to Automate, Batch, choose your Set, the action will be picked
    automatically, then in source choose Folder, pick the folder full of prints you want, destination Folder, choose the
    folder you set up and press Ok and watch telly if there ar a lot of prints in there, is this what you wanted( this will
    work on all of the size you first tried it on, to do on other pics set up a new action). Hope this is what you
  6. Hi Ashley, It does work in cs2 and it is very easy once you have done it right....phil
  7. You can try Visual Watermark ( It may be the easiest solution for you. Add a text watermark item and click the Add Macros button in the Text Configuration dialog. You will see a bunch of EXIF properties to be placed on the pictures. However, it cost $20 for personal license.
  8. This thread just came up today you should go check it out and download it! I think it's exactly what you are
    looking for.

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