Banquet Camera Question

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by wogears, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Just saw a print from 1917 at a doctor's office. Size was roughly 9x36 inches. Looked like a contact print to me--no grain whatsoever. Exposure must have been 1/4 second or less, since only one or two of the hundred or so people in the pano were slightly blurred from movement. Anyone have an idea what sort of camera was used for this? I've heard of "banquet" sizes like 8x20, but what other sizes were common?

  2. The panoramic cameras and circuit cameras are still in use today. Know film photographers using circuit cameras that do large group photos and make a living with it. They still set up the risers in a semi-circle to match the curvature of the swing lens and then contact print the 3-5 foot wide negative. Sharpness that digital can't touch.
    Look at the work of Michael A. Smith ( who works with the 8x20 film camera regularly. Other formats such as 4x10, 5x12, 7x17, 12x20 and the wider curcuit film sizes are all viable and still being done.
  3. I think you mean Cirkut cameras.

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