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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by LindaWilliams, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. Hi
    I just joined and made a message in introductions and it says the thread is "awaiting approval".
    It's a strange system my husband joined last year and he is still awaiting approval for his photos which he uploaded when he joined.
    Also FWIW I uploaded 5 photos when I joined today.
    Thanks if anyone can throw some light?
  2. Same again - this thread says to me "Awaiting moderation before being displayed publicly."
    and I get an error message saying I have to wait 247 seconds to post this comment ???

    Seems strange ???
  3. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member


    That happens sometimes: it is nothing to do with that you wrote.

    I have a suspicion that it happens sometimes when new user posts in the forums in very quick time after they join/are approved, I think that that the "membership computer" takes its time telling the "forum computer" that this is actually a "real member" making a post.

    Anyway Moderators generally notice this happenstance and can fix it, as I have done.

    I note that you are approved and your Home Page is visible - if you PM (personal message) me and disclose your husband's user name I will attempt to find out what is happening: no promises, not having an Home Page is an issue with many new members. I do have another reason for asking you to contact me privately - because we might be able to compare your signing up procedure with your husband's - that could throw some light on why there are folk who wait a long time without their Home Page being available and their Images displayed.

    I hope you will make yourself available to assist.


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