Any Major Nikon D300 Defects? (When will Nikon fix the d300)

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  1. I was decided to buy a d300 but have been reading a lot of horror stories
    abbout "depleted battery syndrome" and wobbly mounts. It seems that the d300
    has some intrinsic design flaws. I can't recall of any other camera generating so
    many problem. What is the general opinion about this camera? Do you think that
    Nikon will launch a new d300b with modifications solving the problems? Should I
    wait to buy or just go back to Canon?
  2. Can you establish that these are problems in significant numbers for D300s? I haven't had any trouble so far with mine. The mount has been fine, and the battery life has been excellent. I've heard that some folks have had a battery issue specifically when using the 70-200VR lens, which I don't own, but aside from some complaint threads on dpreview, I haven't seen it discussed much.
  3. I'm not sure what planet you're living on, but here on earth, there has hardly been any other digital SLR that has received as much acclaim as the D300 ever (except for the much more expensive Nikon D3). To quote from the conclusion of the test at "There's simply no better semi-professional digital SLR on the market."

    Don't believe anything you read on the internet.
  4. I'm sure in every thousand units sold there must be 1 with a problem but so far there is nothing that can be generalize as a major problem. Batteries are a complete different story from the cameras.

    About horror stories I've never heard even 1 so far.

    About a new model, most probably YES a D400 in about 2 years and everybody will be waiting for it!

  5. If you can't believe anything you read on the internet, you should maybe not believe all the acclaim given to the d300. I was sold on this camera and it seemed to be my "dream camera". Seeing as though I live on the PLANET EARTH, I have seen so many complaints of d300 camera failure that I am now having misgivings as to whether I should invest a few thousand dollars in this system.
  6. I have had absolutely no problems of any kind with my D300.

    In early January, I put mine away after shooting with it for 4 weeks in Japan with batteries in the base. They did not need to be recharged during the time I used them (the weather was cold) and I do use the 70 - 200 VR. Four weeks ago, I got the camera out to prepare for a trip and the batteries still showed a full charge. The mount is solid.

    You tend to only hear from the exceptional few who have a problem. The hundreds of thousands of us who don't, don't run through the streets shrieking, "eureka! I have no problems."

  7. "eureka! I have no problems."

    I LOVE my D300!
  8. Of course, beware of the dreaded "Bristle Syndrome", or getting slivers from a wobbly handle.

    If I read correctly, you say you already have purchased one. If you are not experiencing the "problems" you describe, what the heck is your beef? The D300 is an exceptional camera, extremely well-built. Attached is a jpeg I shot with a D300 over the Atlantic Ocean last week. Normally I use a Pentax 67 for these, but there was too much turbulence in the air. The D300 created awesome results, and handled every difficult situation a threw at it.
  9. No problems with mine and it lives with the MB D10 on it. I do not find the base to be wobbly at all.
    And I guess you don't remember the banding problems of the D200 and the wobbly battery grip. Or how about the AF problems that canon has had with the 1Ds mark what ever?
  10. You're right - DON'T buy the D300. Go back to Canon.

    Maybe if there are enough people like yourself who believe that it isn't a great camera - the price will go down when I buy another D300!

    IMHO - the D300 is one of the BEST purchases that we have ever made for our photography business! Not a single problem here. Fantastic images all the way up to ISO 3200 - excellent battery life - and the best automatic white balance I have ever seen on a DSLR. We are already planning on buying another one to replace our second body (D200).
  11. Alex, I was hesitant at first before I bought my D300. I finally gave in after trying one out for myself. My camera is absolutely perfect in every way! It has operated flawlessly (I have taken close to 20,000 images) and I am getting better results than I ever expected. I am especially pleased with the speed and accuracy of the auto focus system.

    I have found most problems reported are usually operator error. Obviously not every camera fabricated by Nikon is perfect, but one or two bad apples do not spoil the whole bunch.

    I believe the "depleted battery syndrome" occurs when EN-EL4(a) generic batteries are used - generics don't work.
  12. Alex, I'm not sure if you noticed- but people tend to complain more than give credit. So it usually seems that you'll see more negative comments, simply because those who are really satisfied with their equipment- don't write about it on 5 different forums...

    And adding to Jorgen comment: don't trust everything on the web. At the same time DPReview is very reliable source on info, which I would definitely say-you can trust them.

    That's just my opinion.
    Good luck with your choices!
  13. I havent got a D300 and dont plan to buy one as my budget is low :-(.
    However from what I have read,this is about the best dslr made by Nikon up to date.
    So many great innovations and improvements on earlier models.It has to be a winner !
  14. I'm starting to feel reasured. No I haven't bought the camera yet.
  15. Alex, I don't use JD Powers as a guide for anything. I believe Nikon is making approx 70k units per month. I suspect most of these are in use. How many complaints have you documented. Are they by different users. Is it a user error? I do believe people will complain about something but hardly ever praise anything. Just like the news, its not want gets attention. I felt good enough about Nikon and B&H to buy a used D200 last year (I am very happy with it). If you buy a new D300 from a good source and do have any problems I have no doubt that the store and or Nikon will make it good. It seems to me they have a long term plan to stay in business making cameras etc while making money.
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    I have upgraded from D200 to D300 and the latter is the best camera I has ever owned. Battery life is excellent compared with any other camera, and it has been working perfectly during a month touring the northern mountains of Vietnam.
    Solid stuff.
  17. I really like my D300 but I was wondering and this may be in another thread about typical battery consumption with the use of two EN-EL3es

    I have the battery grip the MB-D10. I have notice that after I charge the batteries and start to use the camera that very shortly the charge indicator decrease by one bar. After shooting with it for like 6 to 8 hours I am down to one bar. Is that pretty normal? I am not using live view or VR for the most part. I just know when I had a canon with the grip it never left full charge for days so I really don't have any other comparison . So I thought I would ask people that use it. Also is there another more powerful battery grip that takes different batteries for this model??
  18. "I can't recall of any other camera generating so many problem(s)."

    Seriously? There were many, many, many more problems with the D2H and D70 releases. There were even well documented issues with early D80s that Nikon acknowledged.

    Not to mention the issues with the new Canon 1D Mk.III and focusing problems. The Leica M8 had some severe issues (and still does).

    Compared to any of the above, the D300 has received hardly a single mention of a problem.
  19. "I have seen so many complaints of d300 camera failure..."

    Where? It's easy to dump links into this little ole box and share?
  20. "There were many, many, many more problems with the D2H and D70 releases."

    yeas, the back focus and the blogd, and lets not forget the D200 banding problem :)
  21. I love mine....The only problem is it's so good that i want another, and i can't afford one right now.
  22. Go back to Canon, and enjoy.
  23. Two thumps up for the my D300.
  24. I have a couple friends with D300 and they love them; a matter of time before I make the plunge.

    The price is coming down too. I saw the body with the 18 - 200 for $2,100 on Cameta Camera's ebay store and they have other comination kits to include battery grip, spare battery, etc.
  25. I got mine the day it was released, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving if I'm not wrong. As for the mount - - it's a solid as any mount I've worked with from Nikon since 1981 or is it 1980. I have no concerns with my mount & that's important to me with the big & heavy lenses I work with. Granted I know to handle my camera by the lens when I use the big lenses.

    Battery issues. Well, I have to admit.... While I only used my first big pro battery in the grip I had no issues. Since I started working with the second battery I do evey now & then have the camera tell me a new battery's dead. I just turn the camera off & on again - - and it goes back to working like nothing has happened. I figure it's when I've managed to partially unscrew the grip so the contacts aren't 100%.

    Past that - - the D300 is an amazing camera. Metering system is superior, sharpness is superior, speed, color, & handling is superior & just so that we have it clear.... In one week last week I took at least 2000 shots - - I'm well past 5000 shots on this camera which is where another shooter is running around on all the boards saying they break down. I just checked - - I have 11,103 actuations already on the camera - - it's a marvel to behold to me.

    I'd personally say I have no issues with the camera & if fixing it means a new model..... Well, I guess Nikon can do that when they're ready to. At this point I know of nothing to be fixed on the D300 - - - So keep your hands off mine. ;)


    Lil ;-)
  26. "Seeing as though I live on the PLANET EARTH, I have seen so many complaints of d300 camera failure"

    Well, I'm sorry that this one response struck such a nerve with you. But the very first person who responded to you asked where these "so many complaints" came from, and many other people in this thread echoed that question. Pretty much all of us live on the same planet as you, and we have not seen "so many complaints" or "a lot of horror stories", so you do have to admit that you set up a rather confrontational tone for this conversation.

    Statistically, based on the number of complaints I've seen, vs the million cameras a year Nikon is making, I'd have to say the D300 is one of the most reliable cameras ever built, and a textbook study of a near perfect product launch.
  27. I love my d300, and I use the 70-20 VR frequently. Best thing I ever had in my hands (and I had almost everything so far :eek:))) - never Problems of any kind. The fellow photographers I know most using the d300, never any problems.
    Rgds Fred
  28. I have had the D300 for approximately 3 months and have about 1800 actuations. Have not had any problems so far. It truly is an awesome camera and, I'm thinking selling my 2 D200s to purchase another one.
  29. "Seeing as though I live on the PLANET EARTH, I have seen so many complaints of d300 camera failure that I am now having misgivings as to whether I should invest a few thousand dollars in this system."

    Please cite where you are seeing the complaints. I'm not saying there aren't any. However, as compared with the banding firestorm from the D200 release, I haven't seen much at all to suggest there are significant problems with the D300 and I haven't noticed any with mine or those owned by the people I'm familiar with.

    Your mileage may vary, of course. On the other hand, there are SOME complaints about every new camera. (D200 banding, 1DmIII AF, D70 "BGLOD", the 1DsmIII has too much resolution, the D3 is too good at high ISOs, whatever...)
  30. My D300 is AWESOME! No problems at all. Much better than my D200.
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    Several Nikon Forums have had a number of threads on D300 issues, mainly the so called "False Low Battery" problem. For example, we have had the following threads:

    I have attempted to check with Nikon on this issue a few weeks ago, citing the above threads. While they acknowledged receiving my e-mail, they have not provided any official response. As far as I know from other sources, Nikon is well aware of this issue, but they don't fully understand it and therefore don't have a reliable fix. Until they do, they won't comment on it officially.

    Nikon was initially manufacturing about 70K D300s a month with 3 shifts at their factory in Thailand, and that was increased to 80K a month. Therefore, I am sure that there are well over half a million D300s out there. Given the relatively small number of complaints, I would say the defective rate is quite low; however, for those who run into this problem, it can be very frustrating.

    In comparison, the D70's defective circuit board (Blinking Green Light Of Death) problem and the D200's banding were far more wide spread.

    For the record, I bought my D300 in late November 2007, a week after it first became available. I use it frequently with the 70-200 VR, 200-400 VR and 500mm/f4 AF-S. So far I have absolutely no problem.
  32. I've now used the D300 for over 90 days and have had zero problems. The battery life is improved over the D200 and it is a solid camera overall. Like others, I'm hard pressed to find any bad press or feedback on the camera. Perhaps there is some trolling going on. :) I couldn't give a better recommendation on any other camera I've ever used.
  33. I recently bought the D300. What is a wobbly mount? Just wanted to check if i have one since it was mentioned. I am not being sacastic. Just curious what to look for if there is a problem with a few units.
  34. Looking back into past experiences it may be a good comfort to know that the well known BGLOD problem of the D70 was resolved by Nikon in a very fair way: free repair. I personally was affected (well OK my D70 was ^^) by the BGLOD. The camera was a little older than two years of age and I send the body in to Nikon Germany. Within less than two weeks I got the D70 back repaired and cleaned at no cost including shipping back to me.

    While it was annoying to run into this problem I must say I liked the D70 very much, it was a great little tough camera and I though Nikon's reaction was very fair. The repair slip indicating a complete exchange of the electronics helped to sell the D70 when I got my D200 shortly after.
  35. Not only are there a lot of threads about the problems here but on dpreview as well. For me, it's a big investment so I am checking out all the d300 threads. When the camera first came out, everybody was oozing praise so evidently the d300 is a really GOOD camera, but lately I've been seeing a lot of complaint threads. Evidently the consensus here is that most users are staunch defenders of this camera. That's on whose users are not known to be fanatical. I didn't post my misgivings on dpreview so I would probably take a real lambasting there. But I think I am voicing a valid question so I don't think there is a need for so much sarcasm. I think camera brands are a lot like football teams or religions. A lot of people get worked up if anybody attacks theirs.Peace.
  36. I love my D300 and have never owned a better camera, but that doesn't mean it's perfect.

    I'm a little troubled by how wobbly/loose my SB600 and SB800 flashes are mounted on the camera, and I have two lenses which have a little more play in them at the mount than I'd prefer.

    These flashes and lenses were completely snug on the D80.

    I'm debating whether or not it's something I should take action on. Maybe I should start a new thread, because I sure would like to hear what others think about this.
  37. Very happy with my D300 as well. I bought it slightly used but in like new condition. I have
    used many Nikon bodies before, this one is the best so far. I do not regret upgrading from
    my D200 at all. Regarding batteries, the increased life compared to the D200 is amazing.
    Alex, you are right, it's a big investment for many of us. Honestly I do not think you can get
    wrong with this camera, it's solid, well thought out, and an excellent performer. The web is
    a double edge resource, some very valuable info can be found here but many morons do
    also post a lot of misinformation by making completely unfounded claims. It is very
    important to check the source of each post and how much of an expert the author is
    regardless of his/her claims. It is amazing to read some negative posts about cameras that
    have been released yet, some people really have an agenda to destroy anything they can.
  38. Abe Maslow (attributed)

    "90% of everything is crap"

    -- and at least we all know that this applies to the internet, too. New cameras (Nikon, Canon, whatever) often have a problem or two right out of the gate. Most of these are resolved very quickly, but they--legitimate or not--echo down the halls of the internet for a long time. They seem to have a longer half-life than the usual idle rumor.

    (or was it "carp"?, never can keep it straight)
  39. There are more than a few discussions in the various photo forums about problems with the D300, mostly about "battery depleted" error messages and auto-focus hunting. While some of these issues are quite probably user related, it is becoming clearer that there MAY be some design problems/shortcomings with the D300 that affect the way in which electrical contact is made with some AF lenses. Here are a few threads that discuss these problems:
  40. There are more than a few discussions in the various photo forums about problems with the D300, mostly about "battery depleted" error messages and auto-focus hunting.
    While some of these issues are quite probably user related, it is becoming clearer that there MAY be some design problems/shortcomings with the D300 that affect the way in which electrical contact is made with some AF lenses.
    Here are a few threads that discuss these problems:
  41. The only MAJOR problem I had is that a sureon had to remove my hand from the camera. Just couldn't let go of it.
    I also need some help from NOA (Nikon owners Anonimus) I am hooked.
  42. Alex,
    Please be aware that fully half of the dissenters that post on the net don't actually own or use the camera, they are simple posting wannabees. This not to say that if in fact a specific camera displays a flaw that it won't soon be reported in mass on the web aka: Mark 111 focus issues but not all reports are valid, some are simply fiction.
    In general, I refuse to buy the first issue of anything until they work the bugs out so for now I keep what I have because it's been proven in the D2x.
  43. Alex, here's the problem.

    A few people have reported battery/contact issues with the D300. Yes, I said a few. OK, a few on each forum but for all I know, they are the same people.

    Others see that and somehow think it must be rampant because someone -- somewhere -- said something negative. Then many are ready to jump on the wagon. This certainly happened with a couple Canon bodies as well.

    Also, you will sometimes see the same person quoted over and over because that one person had a bad experience with something. I have seen it here dozens of times.

    If you think the D300 is risky, then go to Canon. I hope you don't get one of their problem bods. For me, my D300 works flawlessly. Couldn't be happier. Your experience, of course, might be different.
  44. I had a battery issue specifically when using the 70-200VR lens only for one time cuse the VR was ON when I put it on my D300 .
  45. I do have complain with my D300 :(, it disguised to me as I thought I bought a D3 from
    the store but when I got home it was a D300 LOL... but in the end it saved my wallet
    from an extra $3000 if it was indeed a D3.
  46. The fact is there are people who appear to have a psychological affliction that manifests in a need to complain loudly and often when they are disappointed in something. Unfortunately their uncertain personalities are reinforced by the existence of Internet forums and particularly by the freedom from responsibility that anonymous posting allows. Which is a long-winded way of saying that I wouldn't put much stock in these complaints. Statistically speaking, every transaction entails some risk that you will get a lemon. Happens with cars, happens with computers, and happens with houses. Some of everything is screwed together wrong, a key part is off-speck by a fraction, you get the one unit out of a thousand with a faulty chip or the mirror box misaligned by a hair. With a new camera or a new lens just return it and get a new one.<p>FWIW, my D300 has over 7,000 frames and it is superb in every way. I just shot 1600 mostly RAW images over the course of 3 days on one battery. The mount is integral to the magnesium body-- I can't conceive what could go wrong with it short of using the body as a hammer and a tele lens as a handle..
  47. yadda yadda yadda
  48. I have two d300's and find them to be without any problems of any kind. The problem with many forums is that there are people who find a way to make things have a problem so that they can complain about them in public. They are bitchalcoholics. Buy from a reputable dealer and take it back if you don't like it or it does not work.
  49. I have a D300 and I so far, so excellent. Don't see any problem with battery at all. Had a D80 and I did upgrade to this one and honestly, I do not regret. It is a great camera and should not be worry about any "possible" problem with this great camera. As I said, so far, so good !!
  50. I have been using a D300 for more than 4 months now and I do not have any problems with it. On the contrary, I find the camera so much better than the D200 from which I upgraded to. I have been using the D300 with all the big lenses, including the 70-200mm VR and have not experienced any slightest hint of a problem. The pictures came out always on the dot when it comes to AF and WB. I have been doing photography for more than 30 years and this is definitely one of the best camera I have ever used. In the old film days, I have used Leica, Contax, Nikon and Canon. While there may be isolated problems experienced by some individuals, but I have not seen "many horrible complaints" about the camera. As a matter of fact, I was surprised to see how few complaints the D300 has received in compare with other cameras.
  51. I have two D300, no probs at all. huge improvement over the D200. But then plenty of others have said this.........
  52. Nikon is D300 has been the best camera I have used. Auto ISO was great. Except
    when shooting vertical, the color was flatter than shooting horizontal. After recent
    firmware upgrade to 1.02, then I didn't see that problem.
  53. Nikon D300 has been the best camera I have used. Auto ISO was great. Except
    when shooting vertical, the color was flatter than shooting horizontal. After recent
    firmware upgrade to V1.02, then I didn't see that problem.
  54. "bitchalcoholics"
    Learn something new everyday from these forums! LOL!
    Seriously, I must be very lucky, my Nikons/Nikkors are good. Occasionally there may be slight issues, but they soon disappear.
  55. I bought a D300 in January and it is an excellent camera. No issues whatsoever.
  56. A few times I had a problem with a false "low battery" icon. The fix is easy: turn off and turn on the camera again.
    D300 is the best camera for bird in flight photos. Feel free to visit my portfolio. I am very satisfied with it performance in low light. Focusing is very accurate and fast. Noise at high ISO is minimal.
  57. "But I think I am voicing a valid question so I don't think there is a need for so much sarcasm." I am surprised that the posters have not been more sarcastic. If you really follow the introductions of new and popular cameras, you would have noticed that there have been few complaints about the D300. Pretty amazing for such a sophisticated and good camera. If you don't get the D300, what will you get?
  58. I also love my D300. It only developed a problem when the battery grip was attached. It showed the low battery warning and cut out. It then locked the focusing method and cut out. I sent them back to Nikon, who fixed and returned them under warranty in very quick time. The camera is now perfect again and the images I get from it are fantastic. I wouldn't change it for any other camera. I mostly use it with an 80-400VR Nikon lens.
  59. "But I think I am voicing a valid question so I don't think there is a need for so much sarcasm."

    You need to go back and reread how you worded your so called "valid question", because, honestly, you set the tone for the sarcasm.

    "I think camera brands are a lot like football teams or religions. A lot of people get worked up if anybody attacks theirs."

    Exactly. You didn't "question", you didn't "discuss", you "attacked". It's not an issue of whether you posted here or on dpReview. You planted seeds of hostility, and they grew.


    Definitely. Several people pointed out to you how to achieve that.
  60. I have 2 D300s and use them both concurrently during wedding shoots. They both also have the new grip, so I am running 2 batteries in each. This past weekend, did a wedding, starting at 11am and lasted until 11:30pm. With both cameras, shooting approximately 2800 pictures (yes, I know its a lot) between the two, with an average amount of reviewing and such, I never got past the batteries in the grip. In other words, if I recall correctly, I was around 20% in each of grip batteries in each camera, and 100% in the body battery of each camera.

    And yes, the pictures are definitely MUCH nicer than the D200 (straight from camera, shooting RAW), 800 iso is amazing (which, for me, in the D200 iis borderline useable) and iso 1600 in the 300 is really good and definitely useable (basically not useable unless in a pinch in D200).

    I can't imagine not having this camera. It really is THAT nice, and SO worth it.

    I'm just curious if you'd post 3 or 4 links of the "lots" of horror stories...
  61. Going back to your original question, I don't get why you're asking. You seem to have done the research. If you have, you should know what the people who really follow Nikon predict about upcoming models, which means you should know there isn't talk of a D300x model coming out any time soon. So why stir everyone up? Either your research shows its a great camera, an OK camera, or a POS, lol - either get one, or don't , or do whatever you want!

    If you get it and you think it's no good, I'm sure you can sell in 24 hours by just dropping the price $100 less than retail...
  62. I've a d300 and I've been using it with Tamron's 200-500 lens, and nikon's 80-200
    2.8, both hiking in the woods etc. and have had no problem with the lens mount -
    and these are fairly heavy lenses, especially the 80-200. All that stress on the
    mount and no problems after months of use swinging and occasionally roughed up
    with branches.

    If you like the camera, but are afraid to buy - rent one.

    Perhaps if you'd titled this thread: Is there a problem with the d300? things would be
  63. "I was decided to buy a d300 but have been reading a lot of horror stories abbout "depleted battery syndrome" and wobbly mounts."

    Well, I own the D200 and have looked briefly at the D300. The camera is not a redesign in body, only on internal guts. This body is very solid! I just don't believe the wobbly mount issue. As for batteries, it may be fault in the batteries (new supplier), but not the camera....why would that change? If it were an issue about banding, or other issues related to the new sensor ....that I could believe.
  64. Buy one from Costco. You can then return it within 90 days if there are problems.

    I don't think anyone here would say the D300 has zero problems. It's not like Canon has a perfect track record anyway.
  65. My D300 has no problems. I have a lot of problems. It all evens out in the end!
  66. I have a problem with my D300. Both daughters owning D100's are all the time asking
    for updates - and D200's don't satisfy them after touching the D300. Horse and rock
    photography, mainly.
  67. Well, interesting. It works both ways folks. If you are having a problem you end up on the forums where these issues are being discussed. So you see them. When you have no problems you dont go looking for them, so you dont see them.Take a Walk in the other guys shoes. I am sure that anyone who purchased a D300 and has problems is going to mention it. The Ones with no problems will defend it. The fact remains there are some of both.
  68. Here are some links.
  69. One More
  70. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Mark, among the four links you just posted, all but one have already been pointed out to by either Lisa B or me back on May 7 in this very thread. You are merely recycling known complaints.

    By far the majority of us who contribute to this thread have personal experience with the D300, and most of us have no problems at all.
    If you also have experience with the D300, either good or bad, by all means post it here. Otherwise, I wonder what your point is.

    Any good product is going to have some defective samples. In the case of the D300, the annoying part is that apparently Nikon is unable to repair a few of them. However, it is very clear that by far the majority of D300 owners have absolutely no problems. Personally, I have no problem recommending the D300 to anybody. If you happen to be unlucky and have a defective one, just make sure Nikon fixes it and if they can't after a couple of attempts, ask them to replace it.
  71. Sorry, long thread. I did not see the links. I am just a little bit frustrated. I have had similar experiences with Canon, my D80 has always been spot on. I guess what frustrates me is the fact that so many companies release products before they are fully tested and the consumer becomes the QA. This may not be the case here, but it happens so often you cant help but wonder. So far I have had no problems with Nikon products and was dissappointed to see these threads, hoping Nikon was not going the same route. I will purchase a D300 as soon as my finances allow. I feel pretty confident that I will get a good one.
  72. Just for a reference I have had the "wobbly mount" problem. For some lenses the mount do feel wobbly. And I had a problem with lenses connection though the mount to the camera where the camera would report a 7500mm lens at f95 for example. I also had problems with the auto-focus not tracking in AF-C.

    A trip to the Nikon shop fixed the mount problem and improved the auto focus.
    From what they said I understand they did a thorough cleaning, among other things there was dirt on the auto focus parts. It would seem that the D300 is slightly more prone to getting dirt on things than the D200 was.

    I've done about 30000 actuations with the D300 so you can image what I think about the camera.

    The one issue I think Nikon should fix is the time it takes to acquire initial focus with autofocus. I use the camera for sports photography and I consistently see times well over a second to acquire initial focus. I'm assuming the the D3 is much faster and given that the D300 is supposed to have the same auto focus circuitry one should think it should be as fast.
    I predict that Nikon won't fix this as a D300 with the MD10 would then almost become a D3 at half the price :)
  73. I have also experienced this same issue with my D300 and the 200-400 f.4VR lens. Loose fitting and camera shutdown. Not knowing what was causing it I tried three different fully charged batteries and the results were the same. Very frustrating. In speaking with a couple of Nikon customer reps they sure don't seem to want to discuss the issue...and act like they haven't heard of the problem. To me, this makes the situation worse, in that I now am losing trust in Nikon. When I talked with the Nikon dealer I purchased my equipment from the salesman told me he had the same issue happen right in the middle of a shoot...just like I. He has found from Nikon that there is an issue. However, there apparently is no "real" fix for it as of yet. Nikon wants me to send it in...but, whats the sense in that if it comes back and I have the same situation arise again. I understand that the exact same thing is happening with the 70-200 2.8VR lens...which I also purchased. GREAT, huh? Spend over $10,000.00 on new equipment that I can't count on to do it's job.
  74. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Gary, we have an entire thread dedicated to this issue. You are welcome to read through it, but I think you have already known pretty much everything about it:

    As far as I can tell, it only affects a small percentage of the D300s out there. Clearly most people who posted to this thread have no problems. You may also find Thom Hogan's recent comments in DPReview informative:

    He has posted many times in that one thread.

    Hogan and his assistant have access to some 13 different D300 bodies, and none has any problems. Unfortunately, such statistics are fairly meaningless if yours is defective. The annoying part is that Nikon is not openly addressing this issue. However, if Nikon cannot fix yours, I am sure that they can exchange it until you get a trouble-free unit, as most of us have.
  75. Aside from all the people defending Nikon here because they don't have a D300 or are so brand loyal they think everyone with an issue is a troll, there are significant numbers of D300 owners who have experienced "mirror up" failures.
    Unfortunately, without a subpoena as part of discovery, Nikon won't divulge the failure rate, and has not instituted a repair extension program. Used D300 owners are out of luck because the company requires an original purchase receipt.

    If you have a failed D300 mirror, or have paid for a repair, please contact me via If there's sufficient mass to do so, we can try to get recompense or repair from Nikon.

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