AirSelfie - pocket sized selfie from the air

Discussion in 'Aerial and Drone' started by G-P, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. G-P

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    Gotta love Kickstarter - tiny flying selfie portable drone junkies!
  2. Gup

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    Interesting that this is the first comment posted following the above link:
    These crowdsourced miniature selfie-drone projects keep cropping up. The majority of them have left investors high-and-dry. How many ever see the light of day? Any reviews of actual products like this on DPReview? I wish this site would stop being a surrogate advertising outlet for vapourware.​
    This is the first one I began following some time back. A drone you 'wear'.​
    Hold onto your money, Glenn!
  3. Uh, Glenn, you gotta clip off the "s" from the https protocol to make it go linky- linky wise. Just a reminder to ask the IT whiz to fix that one day...aloha nui.

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