After a careful stalk...

Discussion in 'Nature' started by Sandy Vongries, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. After a careful stalk, I got this Mule Deer portrait with my 28-300

    DSC_6764 (1024x683).jpg
    LOL I had to creep across the livingroom to the door to the patio - I swear that this one with the split ear was someone's pet!
    DSC_6765 (1024x684).jpg
  2. Nice. Around here it seems the sound of the latch is enough to send them flying. Touch a sliding door and you're lucky to get a tail in the hedgerow.
  3. Same here - this doe in particular might have hung around, but I just shot through the glass. Sometimes have to send the Rhodesian out to chase them out of the garden - No, he doesn't want to catch them, and does return on command.
  4. I always have envied those of you who successfully "stalk" game

    Here's my (and my dog's) success on one occasion. The deer seem to have little but scorn for us, however.
    (note absence of man-made intrusions as per forum guidelines)
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  5. Moderators on this forum seem to be a bit more "mellow" than at "another" popular hang out! Bill
  6. Words allowed!
  7. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Hmm... in that case, I
    was born to a poor
    family in Borneo in
    1982. I was captured
    and sent to a zoo in
    San Francisco where
    Vince "rescued" me
    in 1984. Since then,
    I've been a trusty
    sidekick despite his
    NEVER giving me
    enough termites to
    eat. Bananas, I get
    all I can eat, but do
    you think he could
    spring for several
    pounds of termites
    every once in a
    while? Nooooooo,
    they cost too much,
    he says...
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  8. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    I thought Bill was referring to the furniture visible in the un-cropped version of the shot - the 'human artefacts', as it were. Correct me if I'm wrong ...
  9. Believe that applies only to Monday in Nature - no rules I can find are posted for Nature
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  10. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Sorry, that is the point I was trying to make - obviously didn't make myself plain (mind you, Nature got there before me !).
  11. Well done.

    I shoot around 90% of my deer shots out my car-blind window.
  12. (note absence of man-made intrusions as per forum guidelines)
    From what I see it's no pets or manmade stuff in the Monday in Nature threads rather than the whole forum.
    Transitioning from the bow a bit to the camera myself in the stalking. Byproduct of getting older I suppose.
  13. Exactly.

    Sandy, hope it's okay if I post one that I carefully stalked with my car-blind?

    [​IMG]Young Buck Jumps Fence - 5 of 19 by David Stephens, on Flickr
  14. Suburban deer are a bit easier. This fellow patiently waited while I switched lenses and adjusted all the camera settings - I'd been shooting long exposure shots of a little stream.
  15. Suburban or even out here, some seem almost tame. Nice shot!
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