AF point pattern of the new Canon 6D

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  1. What is the arrangement of the 11 AF points of the Canon 6D? 1+3+3+3+1, 2+2+3+2+2, something else? Can't seem to find that information anywhere except for mentioning a "diamond pattern". Thanks!
  2. 1:3:3:3:1
    The outer bands are all horizontal-line sensitive @ f/5.6. For the middle set, the top & bottom are vertical line-sensitive @ 5.6, and the center is cross-type, but sensitive to horizontal lines at f/5.6, and vertical at @ 2.8.
    It's all H-E-R-E. Probably more than you wanted to know :)
  3. It's the same as the 9 point diamond of the 5D MkII, but with a couple of extra zones on either side of the center point. Covers the same area of the center of the frame
    What's a little odd in these days of complex multizone AF systems with multiple cross and high sensitivity AF zones is that the 6D AF only has a cross zone at the center. The other 10 zones are simple linear sensors. I guess Canon wanted to differentiate the 6D from the 5D MkIII and a simple AF system is one way to do it.
    The new Nikon D600, which is probably the main 6D competitor has 39 AF zones, 9 of which are cross type and 7 of which operate down to f8. All the 6D AF zones cut off at f5.6.
    Note that the image linked to above on the Canon website show what they call a "conceptual diagram" of the AF zone layout. It doesn't show the zones in relation to the whole AF frame. They've just cropped it to the center of the frame.
  4. I was also hoping for more, but let's see how well the AF performs... when the 5D Mark II came out, the AF looked exactly like the one in the original 5D but turned out to be quite a bit better.
    My main gripe about the 5D Mark II AF system is that the outer focus points often mis-focus (or refuse to lock altogether), hopefully Canon improves their accuracy on the 6D. The 39 points of the D600 sound really good but based on illustrations they cover a rather small area in the center, so for me the advantage would be minimal to non-existent.
  5. There's not much difference in coverage area. The 6D looks like it should work down to lower light levels, but the D600 has more cross sensors and can AF at f8. The outer zones on the 6D are still linear sensors, like those on the 5D MkII. We'll have to wait to see how well they work.
  6. While I almost always use the center AF sensor, and we have not seen how the 6D actually performs, I believe most people expected the 6D to have an AF system at least as good as the current 7D instead of what we have here. The latest model DRebel has 9 cross sensors so disappointment with a $2,100 camera with 1 cross sensor is understandable. While I am sure it will sell well to those with a significant investment in EF lenses, time will tell if Canon's decision to "under power" the AF system (at least on paper) was a wise marketing decision.
  7. While I am sure it will sell well to those with a significant investment in EF lenses...​
    I'm not sure that's the target market for the 6D. I think it's aimed much more at the Rebel/xxxD user wanting to move up to Full Frame and/or who is looking for "social" features in a DSLR. For the person with a serious investment in Canon gear, the 7D, 5DIII or 1DX are the real upgrade paths, unless, of course, they're interested in things besides full frame, and can live with a "lesser" AF system, etc.
  8. The 60D and 6D would be a dynamic duo. I've heard a few whispers from folks handling the 6D at photokina that is shockingly good in extremely dark conditions. So it may not be all doom and gloom...
  9. I think it's aimed much more at the Rebel/xxxD user wanting to move up to Full Frame​
    Another good indicator of this is the single SD card slot on the 6D. Those moving up from their Rebels and P&S cameras don't have to drop a small fortune on new CF's.
  10. Despite the overall "ho-hum" response to the 6D, I will say that the two new points come in the areas where I find I wish there was a point on my 9-point bodies (60D, 5DII).
  11. I think it's aimed much more at the Rebel/xxxD user wanting to move up to Full Frame​
    I would have thought I was part of the target market as a 60D user with a 5Dc looking to upgrade the 5D. However, this thing is lacking quite a few features I really wanted so I am really struggling to see a reason to upgrade. Maybe when the price drops to $1500 I might be interested but I expect in the meantime I will be throwing my cash at M4/3.

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