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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by keith turrill, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Recently one of's advertisers started running a GIF block ad with the question "Is Bush a good leader?" The ad probably would not be seen while logged in.
    Still, I am not sure that the ad is good for the website and I hope that it is not a sign of an onslaught of midterm political advertising.
  2. If you see it again, please make a note of the URL that it clicks through to, and let me know what it is. I long ago blocked because their ads are invariably cheesy, but apparently they are using a different URL on this one.
  3. Regarding Keith's question of if they would be seen while logged on, I do see them while logged in. Clicking a few threads, I don't see any of the MyGiftCards ads, though I have in the past few days.

    Brian M, should logged in members being seeing these ads? And what about some of those red banner ads (cell phone?) that pop over the whole screen?
  4. Brian M, perhaps I do have something weird going on.. after making that post, I was prompted to subscribe, but I'm paid up. Let me know if there's anything I should do. Thanks.
  5. It never hurts to clear out your cookies and log back in. It's always possible that something in the cookie chain has gotten screwed up.

    I'm on here all day (logged in) and I never normally see the ads or get prompts to subscribe. Typically I don't ever log out, so my cookies stay the same from day to day.
  6. At 15:52 EST the "Bush" ad is running at the bottom of this thread. I opened a new window and captured and saved the URL:
  7. It looks like Tribalfusion is the actual agency posting the block ad:
  8. Thanks, Bob, that seemed to work. Not sure how I was posting under my own name and got a subscriber icon but wasn't recognized for advertising purposes, but it seems to be cleared up now.
  9. That link is for the domain that I supposedly have blocked.
  10. I KNEW IT. The Olive Garden has been wired into politics for years, secretly pulling the strings. Shoulda known from the first time a waitress asked if I wanted "EYEtalian dressing."
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