Adobe to buy Macromedia

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    I hope y'all like higher prices because that's what y'all gonna be
    getting. Aren't monopolies great?
  2. "Aren't monopolies great? "

    Just ask Microsoft
  3. Although I do not see any challenge to Acrobat and Flash (as standards), I think it's time someone gave Photoshop a run for it's money.
  4. Several programs give Photoshop a run for their money. Both JASC Paint Shop Pro 9 (now owned by Corel, ugh) and Picture Window Pro are excellent programs with 90% of what most photographers need for 1/6th the cost of PhotoShop.
    What PhotoShop has is inertia. It's almost become a generic term, like "Xerox" did for copying. It's the Windows of image editors - or shoud I say Graphics design programs. Even if you had a better product at a lower price, it would be very, very hard to displace it. There's a whole industry built up around it which would resist any changes.
  5. Adobe have been throwing sub standard products at web developers for years and now they decide to merge/buy the only web development tools company which gave MS a run for its money, just as ASP and .NET are becoming as popular as DW for web development. Signifies the beginning of the end of DW as a serious web dev tool IMO. Macromedia would never have agreed to the deal if they didn't think they were losing market share.
  6. This makes me sick. I use both brands religiously but blending the two together is just plain bad news. Adobe is strongest at graphics whereas Macromedia is strongest at web development. Web development has not been on top of Adobe's list and as a Webmaster, I am not liking this one bit. It will stifle innovation and creativity.

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