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  1. Announced earlier this week by Adobe:
    Adobe released a powerful tool for creatives to build personalized websites called Adobe Portfolio. Available to all subscribers of Creative Cloud, Adobe Portfolio makes building an online website effortless, so creatives can get back to doing what they love. Adobe Portfolio was originally previewed at Adobe’s MAX conference last fall, and the highly anticipated feature is now available.

    For more information, read the blog post on Adobe Conversations
  2. A few things that weren't clear to me, but are now:
    1. It isn't an app. It's a website that allows you to build your own website.
    2. Adobe hosts your site. It's not just some HTML (etc.) that you have to host somewhere.
    3. Since I have a CC account (for Lightroom and Photoshop; $10 a month) it's free for me.
  3. Just remember that it will always have the brand-diminishing problem of not being on your own domain name.
  4. Spearhead

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    Adobe does say that you can use your own domain name. However, there are few themes available and it's not clear at all how this is better than a WordPress or Tumblr solution. Both of those have a plethora of themes, big support communities, and a lot of benefits beyond simply being a portfolio. It feels like Adobe is constantly trying, and failing, to catch up with the online and mobile worlds.

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