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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by patricklavoie, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    i just receive (well download) my copy of Photoshop CS5! whoououuu ; )
    I will let you know my experience during the day, how it feel, how the new filter work in a real life situation on hirez images.
    Stay tuned ; )
    *if anyone else receive it also, post your comment here also of course.
    Lets get ready to work!
  2. Hi Patrick
    Is this still in beta or is it the formal version 5 release?
  3. Hi Patrick
    Is this still in beta or is it the formal version 5 release?
  4. I believe its the final version.
    Look forward to your take on using the content aware fill on hirez files.
  5. final release. Its always like that; you order a download only version.. and you receive it 2 week in advance vs the box version.
  6. well..just to start;
    1_they change the alt+cmd+0 (actual pixel on mac) to cmd + 1... will fix this asap ; )
    2_the *old* key shortcut to actual pixel make the selected layer go up one layer.. not good.
    3_i can now on mac give as much memory to CS5 as i want, being a 64bit app now.
    4_the general look of it is the exact same thing as CS4
    5_you now have a mini bridge in CS5, it a little window that appear over your image like, well a mini version of bridge ; )
    6_you now have a color wheel ring to help you select your color.. dont know how it really work for now.. will find it.
  7. Patrick,
    Thanks for the update. Still trying to decide if I will grade...
    Keep us posted.
  8. The trial's also up if anyone (like me) is waiting on a boxed upgrade to arrive.
  9. content aware fill_work well for now on hirez image, small selection.. i will extend my test later.
  10. I wonder which version will become self aware and start removing items, such as people, from the photo before the photo is even taken.
  11. printing_uuhhh.. its change.. not for good.. at least until i figure it out.
    1_on mac, pressing cmd+p bring you the actual printing window.. no change there BUT now you have the PRINT SETTING button instead of the PAGE SETUP button.. and the PAGE SETUP is now part of the menu itself.. where you select your paper size. (see #1)
    2_but where is my NO COLOR MANAGEMENT option? how the hell im gonna print using the ABW mode on my Epson?..lets try to find that out... (see #2)
    3_Oh, and when you press PRINT, you image go directly to the printer.. no more window open that bring you to the epson driver.. so all should be made by going FIRST to the PRINT SETTING button as per #1... #$%?&*@@@ not good.
    EDIT_ really really not good. Not having NO COLOR MANAGEMENT in Photoshop mean that all my print will be darker than normal if i use PRINTER DETERMINE COLOR when using the ABW mode of my Epson.. !@#$% really not good. The correct way of using ABW (or the optimized way) is by selecting no color management in PS.. now what?
  12. Thanks for your timely post patrick!
    Ive just ordered CS5 and am downloading the trial now, but i have a question: I hear that the RAW conversion engine is new, but that lightroom uses the same engine. I dont have lightroom and was thinking of getting it, am i going to have to wait for lightroom 3 for this newcamera raw conversion to be implemented? for most of my conversions, being a nikon man i use capture nx 2 because it gets more details out of the shots than cs4 did.. i understand the real purpose of lightroom, its just this one point im wondering about...
    i notice from various videos that the puppet warp requires a nice selection to be made before use, but after that it looks good.
  13. Adode Camera Raw_ look the same as the old 5.7 one (now version 6.0) and look exactly as what Lightroom 3 will look.
    new noise removal, new film grain in the bw process.. nothing there special for me.
    EDIT_ you can now put some point in the curve instead of just the predefine setting or slider adjustment.
    EDIT 02_ the shortcut key alt+cdm+0 for actual pixel work like before in ACR.. but not in PS? why change it in one place and not in the other one? ..
  14. Bridge CS5_ scary fast. but where is my CONTACT SHEET! they have again remove it like in the previous version of CS4 .. you know, the old cool contact sheet that open in Photoshop.. not the jpeg version or the PDF version.. the one that work ; )
    Let see if a special plug in exist somewhere ..
  15. plugin_ caution.. many wont work in 64bit as for now on the Mac platform.. see this from Nik Software for example;
    For Mac Users (10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard):

    Photoshop CS5 will for the first time, run in 64-bit on Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) and Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Currently all Nik Software products are 32-bit compatible. For this reason, none of our products will work natively in Photoshop CS5 while in the default 64-bit mode. To work around this issue, until the 64-bit version of Nik Software products are released, Photoshop CS5 will need to be forced into 32-bit mode....Nik Software is currently evaluating 64-bit compatibility; however, at this time we do not have any information on when our products will become fully 64-bit compatible.
  16. Thank you for some of the detailed screen shots from CS5. I am happy that new Bridge is finally fast -- Bridge CS4 was only 32-bit.
    I'll be upgrading to CS5 now and will have it downloaded before early next week.
    Excellent. Thanks again Patrick for a little actual look-see and your initial commentary.
  17. but where is my CONTACT SHEET! they have again remove it like in the previous version of CS4 .. you know, the old cool contact sheet that open in Photoshop..
    Did you find them? Are the web galleries gone as well?
    I like that mini Bridge idea. Bridge rules. Glad you and my other Mac friends are 64-bit now :)
  18. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    Did they put extract back in?
  19. Yeah, that's another one.
  20. since they have the new and improved masking tool i doubt that th extrac is back.. will check.
    the web gallerie is still there, it seem to have more option for the PDF contact sheet.. or maybe i just didtn see them in CS4? black / red / blue etc background, different color type...
    but man.. they really remove the no color management from the print menu! they really f*** me there!
    mini bridge is cool, but it seem just to be a quick way of navigating in big bridge without leaving Ps (since Bridge need to be open as well in the background)
  21. Patrick wrote:
    EDIT_ really really not good. Not having NO COLOR MANAGEMENT in Photoshop mean that all my print will be darker than normal if i use PRINTER DETERMINE COLOR when using the ABW mode of my Epson.. !@#$% really not good. The correct way of using ABW (or the optimized way) is by selecting no color management in PS.. now what?​
    You do want to print out using Photoshop manages color then select Adobe RGB as that is the "gamma" that the ABW mode of the Epson driver wants...then in the Epson driver, select ABW. This will do a double color manage for the purpose of setting the correct gamma in advanced of sending the data to the ABW driver...I've been doing this from Lightroom for a long time.
  22. Jeff Schewe? Photoshop HoF Jeff Schewe?
    Anyway, is upgrade from CS4 still $200? Is there an extended version?
  23. The new content aware fill tool is very exciting from what I've seen.
    But I still wonder, where is it sampling from? How does one control that?
    In your sample above, could you actually have kept the upper clouds instead of totally erasing them?
  24. Thanks Jeff, will try and see if the result are the same ..
    but why didt they remove the no color management?
    why change a old original command key like alt+cmd+0 for actual pixel in Ps and not in ACR?.. do the photoshop programmer use the software at all in real life or just design it?
    why when you press print now the file go directly to the printer without going to the epson driver first like for the past 18 years?
    maybe you can talk to someone over there and give them my name.. i will be glad to test drive the alpha or beta version of there next release ; )
  25. ut why didt they remove the no color management?​
    Because it was a serious hack and in the case of the new print pipeline on Mac 10.6.x, not worth the hassle nor effort to keep "fixing" stuff Apple keeps breaking...
    So, no more No Color Management (which is fine with me because the "work arounds" are a better practice anyway).
  26. Kevin, upgrade from CS4 is in Europe 240 euros. I have not upgraded with the extended version. Is there one ?
    By the way thanks Patrick for the info above. I'm like you discovering CS5 slowly. I hope the printing question can be solved. I also print on Epson and found the solutions like others here with the CS4.
  27. By the way I can't see why the change in the printing dialogue is a problem. You can make all the decisions in the first and don't need to go to the Epson driver. It is easier as far as I can see - when we get used to it. Still we have the problem with the color management to be solved.
  28. thanks for the visit and your insight, Jeff.
  29. For color management problems in CS5 go to here
    Adobe is working on the problem and will prepare a download!
  30. for me it is running significantly faster in 32bit due to more use of my graphics card and its much faster memory.. unexpected benefit. content aware fill is very good most of the time, puppet warp may replace some of the larger scale function of liquify for me, but cant touch it for fine details, which is what most of liquify is for. the new selection radius tool is pretty nifty for hair, but still requires some fine tuning of the mask afterwards, but getting pretty good results with a quick magic wand and this new one.
  31. By the way I can't see why the change in the printing dialogue is a problem. You can make all the decisions in the first and don't need to go to the Epson driver.​
    You still need to go to the Epson (or Canon or whatever) driver settings to print—you just now have to do it by hand instead of logically being dumped there automatically. Maybe it makes more sense if you print on the same paper or at least with the same settings consistently, but I switch between a handful of papers and between color and B&W.
    When the driver pops up, it's my reminder to check my settings and make sure I'm not throwing away ink and paper. Now with CS5 you click print, and it's printing with whatever settings the driver's held onto.
  32. Colin, let's see what Adobe Lab comes up with. As mentioned they are working on the "problem".
  33. I also got the CS5 yesterday and have a few observations.
    Content aware fill and brush are near worthless from what I have tested so far. Selecting a smallish area on a 21mp file of blue sky with bare tree "twigs" in it, with white building below-but lots of blue sky above and around. I was careful not to select the building, which was a perfect straight edge. I got a new addition to the building and some of that mush you get when you selected a little too much with the heal brush. I expected to get a nice blue sky. My take is that it is no better than the healing brush or patch tool was.
    Raw sharpening-this was completely redone and if you use a "standard" setting for your files, it will be overdone. I believe a little sharpening in raw is good, especially for large MP files, but I am finding that about half of my old settings are enough. But need to do some more testing.
    I hate HDR and haven't found the new "controls" any better, you can still make incredible crappy HDR's, but I couldn't get a reasonable tone map result on my initial tests to bring in a sky or lighten shadows--everything remained very muddy and essentially unusable.
    The new selection tool tests were mixed for me. One set got me close quickly, but another image was problematic. I think you need to combine different approaches and revisit the refine edge after each iteration--haven't had time to explore it fully yet.
    Best thing so far, and minor, is that the zoom tool can now work by selecting a point and sliding right to magnify and left to reduce. This is more controllable than the hold it down and auto zoom feature introduced in CS4, but when this is the setting chosen, you can't "select" an area for zoom (but that setting is available). I like the new feature here, but will just need to get used to it, very nice control and quick on the zooming in and out!
  34. I should add that the mini bridge is actually pretty handy, although you do need bridge open in the background to use it. If I have several images in a folder I want to work on, or combine, it is nice to have them right there and in the case of adding one to a layer, just dragging it over!
  35. Thanks for these insights. What I'm myself really interested in how does content aware fill work in different situations (and how fast). Patrick, I think you CAF test image was too easy ;-)
  36. I found content aware to be pretty useful, on one image it made short work of a wire fence, on another it fixed a lot of chips and scuffs on textured wood on an old church organ. Sure its easy enough to fool, but does most of what it is asked, then a little bit of 'pre-content aware' healing brush and stamping finishes the job. on one image i tried to do a very large content fill but it told me i didnt have enough ram (12mp image in 16bit, only 2 gig ram so thats fair enough)
  37. Reading Richard's comment, I will say I did notice some new things with PSCS5, it does seem that there are some pretty demanding algorithms being used. I was working on 21mp 16bit files with 4gb of ram and the refine edges tool was snappy at first, then bogged down big time as I worked along. I think it wants some significantly bigger firepower than even my 3 year old Mac tower(intel 4 processors).
  38. Its not your processors John, It wants more RAM. Go up to 8GB and see the difference.
  39. Since CS4, the video card makes a huge difference in overall Photoshop performance, too.
  40. I have found content-aware fill extremely useful. Is it perfect? absolutely not, I didn't expect it to be. Is it right for every situation? nope. Does it do certain things very well? yup.
    I find that for the things I want to use it for, it does about 80% of the work for me most of the time. When what I'm doing is filling in a large gap around a panorama, or wiping out crap in the background.. that's quite helpful. The coolest thing it has done so far was remove a disembodied hand from a cropped image.. the hand went over both a dress and jeans and it filled it in perfectly, completing the edge of the dress without blurring the two textures/colors together. One selection, one fill, done.. cool.
  41. FWIW, after CS5 was announced, I upgraded my copy of PSCS3 to PSCS4 on March 30 (ordering directly from Adobe) and I just received a free upgrade to PSCS5. I did have to call Adobe and ask for it, however. After they verified the details of my March 30 upgrade order, they shipped out the free upgrade to PCCS5 with no shipping costs. Nice.

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