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  1. just wondering what type of adapters are available for pentax K mount (not screw
    mount) lenses to fit nikon and canon slr bodies. i saw the previous post and got
    lost in the middle. this is of course because of my naivety. hoping that
    respected pentax users here would guide me through this.
  2. There is a Japanese adaptor to mount K mount lenses on EOS body, with some limitation. You may find it on eBay.
  3. The limitation would be no infinity focus, I presume.

    The distance for the flange-to-film distance for Nikon is greater than that of the Pentax K-mount lens. Therefore, no way to mount the lens without a) giving up infinity focus or b) having another optical device inbetween the lens and the camera body. The Canon EOS is just barely possible, with about 1mm room. That means that the adapter would have to add only 1mm to the distance from the Pentax K-Mount lens to the Canon EOS film plane.

    All in all - very bad idea IMHO. Canon EOS bodies (and FD bodies) will take any number of T-mount and M42 screw mount lenses, in addition to the lenses they were made for. Those adapters are readily available.

    I realize that everybody has a camera body and a camera lens somewhere that don't match each other, and wonder if an adapter could be made somehow to make the one fit the other. If it is bayonet to bayonet, the answer is almost always no. Screw mount lenses are a different story.

    And if you want a camera that will take just about ANY kind of adapter and still have infinity focus (presuming that someone will make it for you), then look at the Olympus Four Thirds mount used by Olympus and now Leica dSLR cameras. THOSE bodies are very thin - so adapters for most anything could be made - if there is a market for it. CameraQuest has a lot of them listed already - they're not cheap, but they look like fun.
  4. I know of four, Linked is the high end at ebay usa.

    Cameraquest has an unpictured one for more money and two other ebay sellers have their own versions. Germany $90ish, Honk Kong $70.

    If you read the ad I linked ,sold by Kindai, they mention theirs is only for canon 1.6x crop cameras, which i think is true of all these K Mount lens to Eos body adapters. None are for full frame eos digitals or eos film bodies

    No elements to degrade in any of the 3 I've seen pictured. Don't know about cameraquest adapter since they have no illustrations of their version.

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    I have, in the past, seen the Nikon lens to Pentax K teleconvertor adaptor for about $80. I recall at one time even B&H had them but I haven't seen it recently.
  6. The only easy adaptations are to Canon EF-S mount (Digital Rebels, 20D, 30D) and to 4/3rds mount. You can't adapt K mount to plain EF/EOS mount as the aperture linkage will interfere with the mirror. Other mounts are not possible, with the exception of Sony/Minolta AF, which should have the same limitations as EOS (sub-frame cameras only due to mirror clearance).

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