accidental upgrade on a kershaw 630

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  1. got a broken one cheap off e bay i thought id see what was wrong with it for a bit of fun
    it had 3 shutter speeds plus bulb max aperture of f 6.3 and an 80mm lens
    well..........turns out the epsilon shutter was beyond me as it needed a complete new part made to replace a broken one
    i suppose i could have tried to make the part but i thought it wouldnt be worth the time....this time anyway
    So i found a nice spare shutter lens in my spares box i thought i would put it in the camera
    a 75mm voigtlander vaskar f4.5 in a pronto shutter with a nice blue coating
    It fitted it and i was easily able to calibrate the 75mm lens to infinity i dont know where the spare 5 mm went lol lol
    and the shutter release on the lens matched the cameras release mechanism with a little bend
    and it closes perfectly
    so now i have 4 speeds plus b and 2 extra stops
    i now really want to use the camera
    i suppose thats one way to want to use a folder
    and what should i call it
  2. Vaskershaw 450

    Pictures Please!!
  3. I have a Vito II 50mm 3.5 Skopar with this "blue" like coating. The 4.5 Vaskar on my Bessa is ok, but I would like to put a later Skopar. As it is I have an uncoated Skopar..
    One should count their seems you always want what you don't have. ..
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  4. I think you should call it Graham.

    I've had a couple of these Kershaws. The shutter button concealed along the edge of the front door caught me out both times.

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