ABLON, the film trimming template

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  1. Can anybody confirm that Leitz made more than one version of the
    ABLON, as I have seen on advertised described as the "later type".

    I had one many moons ago which did the job well enough - but don`t
    know which version it might have been. What are the differences, and
    how can we pursuade collectors from hoarding them :)
  2. There is at least one person/company making new copies of the leica film trimmer. They show up on ebay frequently.
  3. According to the Leica Accessory Guide (2nd Ed) there are 3 versions: the first, with a square end; the second, with a rounded end; and the third, squared off again. For the avoidance of doubt, as there are two ends, this seems to refer to the thin end!
  4. Yes, the earliest was in nickel with a square end, then in chrome with a square end, then chrome with a curved end.

    See here: http://www.kbcamera.com/ablon.htm

    Fieldgrass & Gale had an Exc+ one recently for £39. I nearly bought it; wish I had.

    The Classic Camera have currently got a Mint- one for £125!

    Who is the firm making new ones? Sounds interesting.

  5. I did an Ebay search. Here is one for $35.00:

  6. three different versions ? Wonder what the curve was all about....

    Guess I`ll head for the nickel one after all, which I located the other day @ 42GBP (+ 17 !) for UPS to ship it across the North Sea.
  7. A few months ago I bought the reproduction mentioned by Steve on ebay. It was a bit pricey but I'm very satisfied. Last week I found my old one from 1981. It was a cheap no-name aluminum one. The one offered by Mark Hama on ebay is much much better.

    BTW, Mark Hama is the BEST Yashica Mat repair person in the USA.
  8. Wonder what the curve was all about …

    I _think_ the curve is about the shape at the end of the film; whether the cut is straight (as in the picture at http://www.kbcamera.com/ablon.htm), or curved around like the shape of films as bought.

    Can anyone confirm this?
  9. To think that I have been using the sissors on my Swiss Army Knife to cut from the leader back four inches on the film.
  10. Nigel:
    That would be Template
    Sorry Nigel, this was just a little practice
  11. Art

    How do you do that?


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