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  1. It seems to me that there is perhaps a need for a thread here to list Tiger compatibility/
    incompatibility. I am really not expecting many issues when I upgrade, but I guess there
    are some people here who would like to be much more sure of things before they upgrade
    to (or, perhaps, switch to) Tiger.

    So, how about we post:

    a) questions about compatibility with scanners/printers/software

    b) reports about satisfactory or unsatisfactory compatibility

    To start it off, I am interested in hearing about compatibility reports for:

    - Wacom Graphire 3

    - Minolta SE5400

    - Epson 3200

    - Photoshop CS

    - Epson R800

    - Vuescan

    - Silverfast SE 6

    - Fuji S2 Pro raw software

    If you think this thread is not a good plan, by all means, say so :)
  2. Works with:<br>
    Epson 1280, 2200 and 4000<BR>
    Eposn 2450 and Nikon LS4000<BR>
    All of Adobe CS2 <BR>
    Toast Titanium
    <P>Doesn't work with Portfolio 7.0
  3. At least on my computer!
  4. Extensis sent out a notice last week about portfolio 7 not working with Tiger. Also said a
    Tiger compatible version is i nthe works and due shortly:

    "Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger is incompatible with the current version of Extensis Portfolio 7. We
    are aware of this issue and will deliver a Tiger compatibility update very soon. For more
    information, please visit our Extensis Products Compatibility web page at http://

    If you have any specific questions regarding your version of Portfolio 7, please contact the
    Extensis Product Support Team http://www.extensis.com/en/support
  5. Photoshop CS and CS 2 not working. Opens RAW files for editing but when clicking 'open'
    same error message everytime 'Could not complete your request because of a program error'.

    Image ready is working.

    Minolta Dimage Scan Utility not working.

    Everything else is fine. Epson 2200, Illustrator and so on.
  6. If you do an 'archive and install' and experience problems with photoshop CS, check out this document. A few have reported that it solved their problems.
  7. Extensis sent out a notice last week about portfolio 7 not working with Tiger.
    And thats how we found out Portfolio wouldn't work with Tiger and Photoshop CS2, along with Mask Pro v3.0, pxlSmartScale v1.0, Intellihance v4.1 and PhotoFrame v2.5.
    Here is the site: http://www.extensis.com/en/support/product_compatibility.jsp
  8. No problem on my end running CS or CS2 on Tiger. Depending on how you installed the OS,
    you may need to reinstall software since some system/library files will be trashed, especially
    if you did an Archive and Install (which is safe).
  9. Pretty painless upgrade as far as I can tell.

    Working hardware:

    - USB card reader / USB key fob thingy

    - Minolta Scan Dual II

    - HP Deskjet 940C

    - Palm Tungsten (took some fiddling about)

    - SonyErricson T630

    Working software:

    - Office 2004

    - VPC 7 (claims that some networking thing doesn't work, but I can still connect to my

    - Photoshop Elements 3

    - Adium

    Seems worth the upgrade just for Spotlight to me!

    --> Stephen
  10. SilverFast Ai 6 & SE from Version 6.4.1r7d up, is fully compatible with OS-X TIGER

    Karl-Heinz Zahorsky
    LaserSoft Imaging
  11. Photoshop is working fine for me. My Nikon Scan software gives me a message saying that it
    didn't initialize correctly, but it works fine, nonetheless. I was having issues with the Wacom
    Intuos 2 driver, but that appears to have faded away. I haven't printed on my R300 yet, but
    my printer setup is not showing a seperate borderless option (which might be a good thing,
    but I fear otherwise). I have yet to try any Canon software, and I have yet to try my Epson
  12. So far, as for Fuji S2 Pro related applications, Fine Pix seems to be working; however, the
    Camera Shooting Software crashes on application startup. This a repeating, consisten
    problem, not an occasional crash. Can't use it until Fuji updates it and who knows when that
    will be given how "quickly" they've jumped on such things in the past and provided fixes.
  13. Actually, the fuji camera shooting software crashes for me under 10.3.9, too, but usually
    not until I try to take a photo.
  14. A small caveat on Silverfast SE6. The newest (6.4.1r8) version crashes immediately with my
    G5/adaptec 29160N/HP 4C. Down grading to 6.2 something or other gives you some
    function, however the <Scan> button does not work ( at least on my machine.) However, the
    <Scan> button on the Scanpilot menu does work. Of course your mileage might vary.

    On the other hand 6.4.1r8 works perfectly on my G5/Epson Perfection 2450.

    Go Figure.

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