A Snappy wedding

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by gene m, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. The real wedding photographer had a big old Canon something or other and a groovy laptop. Cragston Snappy.
  2. I can only imagine the stares when you whipped out that baby!
  3. ...forgot to add that the pics look pretty cool, sharp in the middle and dreamy smooth
    to the edges ;-)
  4. I think it's a Cragstan.

    No blinding flash!
  5. Right on! I like it, and your approach.

  6. TODD - Yeah, and I got a lot of looks when I whipped out the camera too.
  7. Gene,

    I bruised my ribs this last weekend, and falling off my chair laughing over your last comment didn't help.
  8. I can see it now: Gene's Retro Weddings...Bring yer Bride an' a roll of film. We'll have a good ol' time.

    These belong in the album. The other guy can put a few of his in too, if they're any good.
  9. A full featured plastic camera? Pretty cool! Glad you whipped it out.
  10. Beautiful images! I love the Snappy lens cap. That is just such an odd name to have on the front of a cap.
  11. Very cool Gene. I picked up one of those a year or so ago in a thrift shop. I've got a roll of film in it that hasn't been finished and I forgot I even had it until you showed us yours. (Don't anyone jump on that one!)

    BTW some nicely done photos here. The first two have a slightly "Gothic" look to them. I like that.

  12. "... big old Canon something or other "

    Ain't it funny. There is surely another forum somewhere in which that "Canon something or other" is admired and speculated upon, its gazillion megapixels and multi-focus thingama-bob admired by all.

    To me it might as well be a cake mixer or whatever.

    I want to reach into an old khaki bag and whip out a Super Ikonta or Fujita 66 and have all the young women draw in their breath with awe.

    "Look at that really cool dude pointing that...that THING"

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way in Johannesburg, where the movers and shakers want the latest electronic gadgets. Darn.


    P.S. Really enjoyed the Snappy photos
  13. Great stuff, Gene. Something tells me that the bride will prefer your shots to the one's taken with the something or other.
  14. Gene, wonderful camera. The front styling is a bit like an old fireplace I once had. They don't make 'em like that any more. What went wrong with camera design?
  15. Gene Another reason I love you is you are proof I am not Insane. So when they try to commit me I can just Whip out your web pages and they will set me free. Great as always I just got this new Soviet toy camera and I have to try it out.
  16. Gene!...The only one I know who can take wonderful pictures with any "crappy" camera. Excellent job!
  17. It was not a Crappy it was a Snappy. Gene could drop a Holga into a bucket of Pig Dookie and pull out A Nikon F-3 with the Mona Lisa inside.
  18. I had something very like your Snappy which I bought in Woolworths in Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland for half a crown circa 1956. It was my first camera and produced, as yours does, surprisingly good images. Good enough to get me hooked.
  19. That's the sharpest lens on a Diana I have ever seen.
  20. Maybe it is not the camera it is the inner aura that the Photographer has. Gene You are one of my Heros.
  21. interesting thread- thanks for posting-

    makes me wonder about what qualifies for RETRO Wedding?

    I have been asked by my friends sister to please photograph her wedding-more like begged- I am not a wedding photog- I am a news photojournalist

    she pleaded her case the other night- "please I love those shots of the kids- you took last summer at the beach"-

    she has no idea how I did it or what I did- she just knows she loves them....

    they were shot with an old rangefinder[cannonette+oly] and B/W film

    it couldn't have been much more of a simpler setup-

    now she is trusting her wedding to me...arggggg- think I will also bring along that canon film thingy called an A-2...maybe a A-1 and an FTB too...and for cross marketing a nikon FM2...and a med format RB 67

    but in all seriousness folks- I have been contemplating a niche business around the retro theme...

    what qualifies for retro?

    is it film?
    older manual bodies as mentioned above?
    older bodies from the 50's I have a mint argaflex too

    what would qualify for retro....?
    anyone doing this?
    I had to shoot digital while on a staff position at the newspaper...but am free to experiment these days....

    might even build a wet lab darkroom-
    I hear you can charge a premium for fibre prints - hand made by the artist...

    love to hear your imput - niche would be children,maternity, and newborns...
  22. You might want to start with one of those wide, embroidered hippie neckstraps on your camera. Just to get in the mood.

  23. LOL- good idea!!
    Hey I have one of those- it came with my canon g-lll...
    lava lamps and tie dye t-shirts...
    dust off the lp's and crank up the hi-fi...
    I have a copy of a book called "hippie"....lots of old b/w photos to get your mind in the mood....

    lets see- a vw micro bus,a copy of "following our bliss" and I think I am headed back to the age of aquarius...
    can't forget the love beads, mood rings,and sand candles...

    thanks Paul- I think I am onto something....

    calling all baby boomers....LOL...
    what a neat idea for a studio setup !!

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