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  1. Some time ago I bought a couple of Meyer Domiplan lenses from a seller in UK Ebay. One of them had a
    malfunctioning diaphragm. I messaged the seller and asked him if he had any spare parts for this lens that I
    could use and repair. He was prompt in response, “Oh you do repair things! I will send you a Praktica LLC…see if
    you can repair and use it”. Thus the camera came in as a gift.

    The shutter leverage and the film advance ratchet were broken. I sent the camera to Mr.Yazdhani at Kamera Werke
    in Calcutta. He made new spare parts in his shop and fixed the camera. I received it yesterday. Took this out for
    test shots in Sunshine morning today. Used the same Domiplan lens that I got from the seller. I had repaired it
    at home with a fixed aperture f/11. Had posted a thread earlier on this.

    Here are some samples. All shot at 1/250 or 1/500 sec on Lucky 125 ASA film. Looks like they may have improved
    the film, since my last batch. It seems to have a lot more latitude.
  2. This camera was the earliest of the full open metering kind with the Pentacon electric lenses. It does not have a preview button to check the stop down. So one needs to be sure of the "automatic" aperture mechanism; or one can use a lens with a preview button on the lens or a stop down manual option lens.
  3. I drove along Mysore Road, walked around a bit and then on to a nearby Village that is getting annexed to the City. New commercial establishments are on the rise everywhere.
  4. It is a bit difficult to get people into the picture in the suburban locations; central city people are indifferent; rural folk are cheerful and pose too. Here is a rubber stamp maker, promises to give you the impress within one hour! Despite the computerization and E-everything in vogue people seem to like the impress of a Rubber stamp and signature.
  5. This renewal would last only a few years, may be five. The road is expanding fast and the new rapid transit will extend over here soon. That would increase the retail density as well as the demand for space.
  6. The big timers have not moved into these areas. They are now satisfied supplying small and medium retailers. Within a walking distance of one Kilometre I came across three Castrol lubricant dealers, all selling the same items!
  7. I wonder if it is the same chain that sells gas in the US. Here they are also into new supermarkets.
  8. It is enveloped by the new commercialism. With the expansion of the road and the new Mass Transit line the shrine and the trees may also go, though the environment groups have many cases pending in Court.
  9. More ceramics and steel are used in buildings now. The old terrazzo mosaic has almost gone into oblivion.
  10. Village homes getting a face lift and modern facilities and looks. Motor bikes are common in the villages now.
  11. These businesses are still small scale and single-owner operated. They find the location advantageous as it demands lower overheads and space rent.
  12. The village is getting integrated with more commuters and urban freight. But notice the light weight; they are all three wheelers still.
  13. Missed the picture!
  14. Time to go home for lunch. The last one I could not resist this; seemed quite sharp to me.
  15. Thanks for viewing and your comments. Regards, sp
  16. It just gets better and better. congratulations.
    I confess that I have not yet found out how to actually put a malfunctioning Domiplan aperture back into operation. I suspect that the best thing is just to fix it as you did.
  17. Nice series, SP. Thanks for sharing once again. I agree, the Lucky film is improving and the price is right!
  18. As always SP, great photos of the area you live in.
    Now if I can just figure out what all the dials on my Exakta are, I will take some pictures; oh heck, I just might as well go out and take pictures with it.
  19. You're right, SP, that film looks vastly better. They must have thrown another handful of silver into the mixing bowl...Great shots, as usual, and a fascinating pictorial. The Domiplan seems sharp; I have one which gives similiar images, and one which is greatly inferior. I've just received a quite nice Praktica PLC3, which takes the now-extinct 4.5v battery; while I can make up a substitute with a collection of 1.5v button cells, I'm wondering if there is a true replacement available anywhere?
  20. S.P., your pictures all have the quality of what I imagine you weather to be like. That is, shimmering tropical heat and sun. I favor cool weather myself and live in the Pacific Northwest part of the US (although last summer it hit a record 104 degrees F. here and we are just not used to that!) Your repairman makes parts? Sounds like a resourceful fellow. You are lucky to have him available to work on your classics.
  21. Thank you - wonderful pictures that open a window on another corner of the world!
  22. Thank you JDM; this was a very satisfying experience. Thanks Stuart; the Lucky is not sold here, though the market is flooded with Chinese goods, hand tools, clocks, etc. I had to buy it from HongKong, a bit expensive. Richard, even if you read all the manuals of the Exaktas you may discover some thing new each time you use it. I have owned Exaktas for 40 years now. I am still growing with them! Thanks Rick, I use a regular AA Cell, alkaline , Ni-Cad or NiMh of 1.35 or 1.5 volts with my PLC2. It works okay even though the specs say “use 4.5volts”. Thanks John, Seattle was my home for long, most enjoyable, years! I studied and worked at UW. Loved the weather. Thanks Eric, I am glad that it was of interest.
  23. John! this may be of interest to you; I worked for the City of Kirkland in 1967 Summer and designed the first Moss Bay waterfront Park and Marina. Of course it has expanded over the years. I go over on Google Earth, now and then, to look at my monument in Kirkland. Regards, sp
  24. Well, who would have thought! Thanks S.P ., the AA cell works fine in the PLC3, and the readings are confirmed by my trusty Lunasix. Good old Prakticas; I can't imagine there being any other camera which was designed to operate on a 4.5v battery and is just as happy with a 1.5v substitute. No wonder I have an affection for them...
  25. Thanks Rick ! Really happy that it works; a lot of people did not believe me when I said that works regardless of voltage, within reasonable limits. Of course, one cannot hope to run it on the mains! Ah so! now we can hope to see some pictures from your PLC3 and the Pentacon lenses. That would be great; looking forward, regards, sp
  26. f/11 and be there! Noticeable tonal quality increase.

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