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  1. I am astounded that no one has posted this, or are there reasons why not? If this is a duplicate please delete, but I couldn't find it in searching the Photo.net site for the name of the project.
    Capture daily life

    On May 15th we ask you to photograph what is close to you. Upload a photo, share it, compare it and join others all around the world doing the same. Let a part of your life inspire generations to come.​
    So far as I can tell there is no relation to the earlier projects such as "A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union" and the like, except for borrowing the name.
    Here is the Wired story (where I first saw it): http://www.wired.com/rawfile/2012/04/photo-project-aims-to-capture-a-day-in-the-life-of-the-world/
    This is the link for the ADAY.org : http://www.aday.org
    And, a critical point from their FAQ:
    What happens to the copyright of my photos?

    Your view on daily life supports our mission to use the power of photography to create, share and inspire perspectives on daily life – today and tomorrow. By uploading your images shot on May 15th, to aday.org, you donate a limited usage of your submitted images to Expressions of Humankind, the non-profit foundation that executes this project.

    We are a non-profit organization and will never sell your images; the copyright of the images will always be yours. Our terms and conditions are therefore ensuring that Expressions of Humankind and its affiliates can only use your images in 4 ways ....​
  2. What's the difference between this and what happens on Facebook every day? I guess it's one day and somewhat coordinated, but the parameters seem to be what Facebook is all about. Photograph what's close to you and post it. I'm sorry, but I don't get the big deal? Now let's everyone take a family snapshot from January 31, 1965 and post it to a web site. Actually, that might be much more fun!
  3. You could presumably assemble such a group of themed (look at the site) photographs from Facebook, I suppose.
    But, as for myself, it took me really hard work to get off Facebook and there ain't no way I'll ever go back, until they pry my mouse from my cold, dead hand.
    Not that I'm likely to participate in this one either, but I thought some people here might be interested.
  4. Yeah.

    It was a cute idea in the pre-Internet world. Nowadays it's... quaint. :)

    In 2010 people were uploading over 200 million photos to Facebook EACH DAY. I'm sure it's more today.
  5. This makes me wonder even more how current marketing tactics are grappling with the internet's "Lost In Oblivion" aspects of grabbing eyeballs.
    Do you think a broad audience is going to want to cull through a billion images submitted just to show a day in the life of some one else's life but their own? If they didn't have ADD then they'll think they do after that.
    Marketers may just go back to print and TV while curling up in a fetal position.
  6. A broad audience would not cull through the photographs but I suspect that many amateur photographers and guys with cameras, in particular those who had submitted would be looking at a lot of pictures until their eyes tire or they find their own.
  7. Thanks for sharing JDM. I think it is kind of cool and I get 30 free prints from snapfish for signing up.

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