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  1. I've been using the 50D for several years but now I'm working my way through the User Manual of the 7D. I've almost always had the specific focal point on my 50D set to very center spot but I'm confused by the directions for way to set it on the 7D. Can someone provide a clear, succinct explanation on how to do this - the manual confuses me. Thanks.
  2. Camera on
    Menu button
    Scroll shutter wheel to the Custom function Square (brown)
    Scroll back wheel to Select C.Fn III.
    Depress the center button on rear wheel.
    Scroll, again using the back wheel to Autofocus/Drive-Select AF area Select mode.
    Depress center button again.
    Scroll back wheel to "Register".
    Depress set button.
    Scroll back wheel to select area desired (multiple areas can be set if desired).
    Depress set button to place a check mark on selection. (rinse repeat prior step for multiple choices).
    Scroll to "apply", hit select button, menu to exit.
  3. On P,Av,Tv and M modes, press [+] on the top right corner, then M-Fn until single point autofocus appears, then use the wheels or the joystick to change it's position. If you go to another mode then go back to one of these, the focus point will be where you left it. If you save the current settings to a custom mode, then the current position will be memorized and every time you leave and re-enter this custom mode, the selected point will the the one you recorded.
  4. Well, it seems that I did not understand your question :) Anyway, I still love the possibility of storing the selected focus
    points to a custom mode. I use the C2 mode for portraits and hence I set it to a single-point that I position over the
    leftmost spot of the second row (in horizontal and vertical orientations separately) which is near to where I will have
    the eyes of the subject. If the subject is on the right side of the frame, I am also just one click of the joystick to the left
    away from where it should be (see C.Fn III 7 and 12). Yeah, the 7D is quite complex and it takes a while to understand it, but once you get it, you will really appreciate it's customization possibilities.
  5. Marvin,
    Randall's instructions make sure you have available all of the AF modes (there are 5 on the 7D). By default, only three (Single Point AF (Manual Selection), Zone AF (Manual selection of a zone), and Auto Select 19 point AF are available. The other two, AF point Expansion, and Spot AF, are available only if you check them per Randall's instructions.
    I believe Paulo has it right. In the modes he mentions, press the grid button (far right on the rear), then press the M-fn button repeatedly until you see the Single Point AF points light up. Then, you can press the grid button by itself, then use the joystick to select the specific point you want to use.
    Hope this helps.
  6. One more thing. Like Paulo, I like to set specific AF modes and save them in the custom user settings (C1, C2, and C3). C1 is set to AF point expansion (for birds and action shots) and C2 is set to single point center AF point for static photos where the subject is not moving. If you want, I can expand on other settings I use under C1 and C2.
  7. Thanks Mark...I didn't know one could download the tutorials onto a CF card for playback on the camera's LCD. Hopefully they will add more of these as time goes on.
  8. I was at a coffee shop last Saturday and saw someone with a 7D. I was shocked at how plasticy and flimsy it is. Looks almost amateurish in design. I'm sure it's capable of some good images but for a $1,700 dollar body, I would expect it to be more professional looking.
  9. @Brian
    You must have been looking at a fake 7D. Mine is neither plasticy nor flimsy. It is considerably more substantial than the XTi (400D) for instance.
    What does professional looking mean? It looks like a serious camera to me and I have and EOS 1V (the ultimate Canon pro film body) to compare it with.
  10. @Brian: Sheesh (and if there were ever a post that required a sheesh, that one is it). I just can't let that one go by. You must have been looking at something other than a 7D. Also, how about sticking to the OP's question and responding to that?
  11. I think you've been spending too much time staring at your muscley boys, Brian...
  12. 7d, $1559.95
  13. Egad. I just this week bought a 7D for $1549 at B&H. I just checked and they have lowered the price to $1539.
    Since I just bought one, that will insure that the 8D or 7D Mark II is about to be announced. So everyone, just hold that question - should I buy now or wait - because your answer is coming, and that right soon :>)
  14. Some of these comments are idiotic- I was in fact, looking at a 7D Dennis so I in fact, know what it looks like. Also Keith- I don't spend too much time staring at "muscley" boys. Where did you learn english?
  15. Forum moderator, can you close this thread? I think this has gotten way off track, and is degrading into name calling.
  16. Double posting, excuse please.
  17. I called Canon Support. The help was excellent - solved my problem. They are great!
  18. ....saw someone with a 7D. I was shocked at how plasticy and flimsy it is. Looks almost amateurish in design.
    Whatever. Not more need to pile on to a silly comment like that.

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