5d Mark iii or 6d?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by julie_anne, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. I'm looking to buy a full frame DSLR. The initial decision was between the mark iv or the mark iii but after doing research I realized the
    mark iii would suffice. But then I thought about the 6d, and realized the specs aren't loads different and the price difference is almost
    pretty significant. My biggest concern is the AF points, but I'm not sure if this will actually be an issue. The GPS/Wifi don't matter to me.
    I'm really concerned with the quality of photo and video I will get from the camera set up. The main purpose of this camera is for real
    estate photography and then some personal use (I.e landscape photos and use at family events). I will also be hoping to use the camera
    for video tours of the homes. Was just hoping I could gain some insight from people who use/have used either camera or both. I will be
    using the canon 16-35 f/4L lens on the mark iii. If I end up purchasing the 6d I may do the 16-35 f/2.8 (unless again there are better lens
    recommendations). Thanks in advance and I appreciate the feedback!
  2. That's an excellent lens choice and I think that either body will serve your needs. The AF superiority of the MkIII really only comes into play when shooting moving subjects or in low light.
    If you decided to go with the MkIII, look around for a used one, from a good seller in very good condition.
  3. I think given your situation (not dissimilar to mine at the time) I would go for the 6D. It's smaller, lighter has the same or ever so marginally better image quality and a lot cheaper. The AF is more sophisticated in the III, but for what you are describing, the 6D is more than adequate.
  4. For what it's worth, Julie, the 5D IV has significantly greater dynamic range than the 5D III or 6D.
  5. I shoot weddings with both the MkIII and 6D and like others say here, if your subjects aren't moving, the 6D is quite excellent and a good value right now.
  6. In your situation, I will get less used 5D III ( since 5DIV is out, there are lot of 5DIII for sale)
    For 16-35, I will stick to f/4 version coz it is newer lens with latest technology and better performance in corners compared to f/2.8. I will say please go through comparison of 16-35 f/2.8 and f/4. and since you are going to shoot estates and all, I assume that you wont be needing f/2.8 much.
  7. I have a reputable friend selling a lightly used 5D MkIII right now. He's a senior pilot with United and a top shelf kind of guy. He thinks that it's only around 10,000-clicks, which he's checking before listing. He's ordered a 5D MkIV and doesn't need the III as a back up. I can put you in direct contact if you like.
  8. The 6d is fine for architecture; I used one (and 5dmk2) for this purpose. I do question the need for an F2.8 lens as you really need a small aperture F8-16. The 17-40 worked well for me and Sigmas 12-24 gave an incredibly useful wide angle; good for confined spaces like bathrooms. To get best results I used manual focus and a tripod; but with 6400 ISO a 6D can be used hand held in quite dark conditions.

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