50D or 500D ( Rebel T1i ) advice

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  1. Hi everybody.
    First of all I want to explain why I am asking his question.
    I am not new to photograph and I used several cameras. Before I prefer to use 35mm cameras for my photo shoots. But actually I moved another country almost 2 years ago and I didn' satisfied with fast develop shops and serious places were too expensive. And I bought my first digital camera for trying digital photography. I was a Sony DSLR-A700. After a year of taking photos with this camera I decide to I like digital cameras and their advantages. and a few weeks ago I decided to buy a new one. I wanted to buy a 5D Mk II but it is too much for my budeget for now. So I agree to buy a 50D then Canon shown up with 500D (T1i).

    I checked their technial specs from canon and other several sites and they have alot of common issues. but small differences. Now I try to figure out why I will need a 50D.

    I make asmall list here for similarities and differences. And I am waiting for your advices and comments.

    1. Same CMOS sensors APS-C 22.3 x 14.9 mm
    2. Same resolution 15.1 MP and same pixel denisty
    3. Same ISO setting
    4. Same AF points (9 Point AF)
    5. Same LCD
    Advantage of 50D:
    1. 6.3 fps Continous Shoot (3,4 at T1i)
    2. Pentaprism (T1i has pentamiror)
    3. Magnesium Body
    4. LCD Indicator at the top of the camera
    Advantage of 500D
    1. Light Weight as 560gr (50 D is 870 gr)
    2. HD Movie (It is not an issue for me)
    3. Cheaper (Price difference of the bodies are 400 USD)
    4. Noise performance (I am not sure about it but I saw a web site please check it actually noise performance is too important for me.)http://www.the-digital-picture.com/R...ra-Review.aspx
    So If you have more information or experience about these two cameras, Please help me to decide. High ISO performance is one of the mostimportant things for me since I like to take night photographs without enough light.

    Also you can see side by side spec comperision from here.
    If giving this link is forbiden plese let me know and I can remove them...
  2. Hi Tuna
    Both are great bodies, I have a 40D(similar to 50D) and 5D mkII. If low light photography is your concern and you are on a tight budget, I recommend the t1i and a fast prime such as the cheap ef 50mm f1.8 or the 1.4 version. Also use a tripod and cable release for shutter or lock the mirror and 2 sec time shutter. And why not flash use flash for night, it works too, and you can use low ISO's. Why not just save up or get a loan and go 5DmkII, you will not regret it and you will see huge improvement over high ISO vs the 50D, t1i. 50D vs T1i in ISO performance, I think will not be much of a difference. I shoot some rock concerts with my fast primes and I am usually at ISO 800 with a 40D, which is acceptable for low noise. But with a 5D I can go as much as 3200 and the noise level compares to ISO 800 on 40D. I even shot once at 6400 hundred by accident as noise level was acceptable once processed in DPP. So I would invest in 5d2 if I were you or hunt for a used 5D original. I recently got one for backup for 1000 US at my local camera shop(samys in Los Angeles, CA) same condition as my old 30D.
    PS, where are u from?
  3. I recently moved up from the Xti to the T1i. I seriously considered the 50D, which I was told would greatly improve the number of sharp action shots. In the end, however, I just couldn't live with the size of that camera. It's much bigger than the T1i, and, for me at least, that was a huge negative. YMMV.
  4. This is just my opinion. If weight and the $400 are the considering factors, then the T1i is more suitable for you in this situation. Other than these two factors, go with the 50D. The followings, again my opinion only, are worth that $400:
    1. Metal body construction
    2. More durable shutter unit
    3. All 9 A.F. points are cross type thus focus faster
    4. Brighter viewfinder (pentaprism)
    5. Additional quick dial on back
    Hope this helps.
  5. Not sure if its important to you, but another advantage of the 50D is that it offers the AF Microadjustment feature.
  6. The price difference goes a long way to funding another lens purchase down the road. :)
  7. Some of us just find the control system easier to use on a 50D-style (also known as xxD for the family) camera. The 500D (aka xxxD or Rebel series) are more compact, lighter, but are less substantially built and feel too light to some of us, and if you are used to the xxD operation, the xxxD controls feel a little more awkward. Some people prefer the smaller cameras for many good reasons, of course, including small hands.
    Either camera will be "obsolete" long before it wears out, but if you are doing commercial work, the 50D would last longer in all likelihood. "Obsolete" in this sense, means you will want some new, hot 30MP camera in a few years, but over 15MP is likely to serve any conceivable function for a long time to come.
    And don't forget the obvious fact that the 50D has one less zero than a 500D. ;)
  8. A feature I use A LOT on my 40D is the sunlight readable settings display on top of the camera. The 50D has one, the T1i does not.
  9. I have both a 400D and a 50D. And I must say that the bodies are entirely different beasts.
    I'd advice you very strongly to go to a place where you can touch them and feel them in your hands. For that matter it's not important if the camera's you try to handle are 350/400/450 or 500 versus 30/40 or 50 because those bodies are so alike they're interchangable for matters of weight and size.
    Then if you're sure which one you prefer to have in your hands just buy the 500D or 50D depending on whether you prefer the rebel or the amateur body.
    I'd hazard a gues that in real life you won't notice the image quality difference between the two so don't sweat the infetismally small advantage that the 500D is supposed to have. (The better AF on the 50D will probably negate that advantage...)
    That said I use both my camera's and I'm happy with both. Using the 400D with a tiny lens is great fun. Using the 50D with a heavy lens too. (The other way around is also a possibility of course, but I'm giving you the extremes.)
    And remember: the more you read the harder your decision becomes. So... stop reading and just buy a camera!
  10. I have the same set up as Enrique and I pretty much feel that same way. The 5D2 is a huge step up in ISO performance and a joy to use, but the 40D is a very solid camera that I still highly recommend. I think for your first DSLR any of the above would be an excellent choice depending on what you think is most important.

    If you value a very small light body that can shoot video, the T1i is the right one. You will have to live with a slower frame rate and a more consumer build and control layout.

    If you prefer faster frame rate and a more durable build the 40D or 50D would be a good choice. ( no video )
    I would try to test both styles out in a store, the feel is much different and should be a high priority in what you go with.
  11. I have to agree with Matthijs I also have a 400D and a 50D go to your local camera store and get a hands on feeling for both of them. BTW I have no regrets spending the extra money on the 50D
    bob r
  12. Thank you for all of your advices. They are helping me a lot

    But some personal notes:
    Enrique Bocanegra: I reall wanted to buy a 5D MkII but I really have no time for saving more and I am still new in this country for get a loan. I am at LA now. And I already use tripod but I don't want to use flash, basicly I don't like it. And weekend I was at the Samy's too for taking both camera at my hands :D But for life time period I don't want to buy my prime body as second hand.
    Andy Szeto: Just a small correction shutter life times are same since they are using same miror mechanism.
    JDM von Weinberg: Since I am sized of a small bear :D Size will not be an issue for me, But ISO performance really important.
    Matthijs Claessen : You are completely right about stop reading and buying.
    Actually only one thing left still bothers me for 50D. I send this link before but I want to send it again. I mean acording to this test 50D ISO performance is really bad. I really try to find It is not true but I couldn't find any evidance untill now.
    Again thank you for all comments
  13. Tuna, shutter life is different on XXD and XXXD cameras. Mechanic is the same but material is different. Canon does not advertise expected shutter life on XXXD. ;)
  14. If ISO performance is most important consider a 5D1. My 5D2 at 3200 looks like my 40D at 800.
    My 40D is very good at 800 and decent at 1600. I sometimes use 3200 in a pinch or for a cool black and white effect. Most all these cameras, ( 40/50D and Xsi X1i ) will be on par with the 40D when it comes to ISO. Full frame will be better. You may even want to look into Nikon. They have some good ISO performance.
  15. Well... in the end he writes:
    Using a 50D? Unless you need video or a smaller/lighter camera, a change to the T1i is probably not a good move for you. Ignore the slight image quality improvements in the T1i - you have a better camera for most purposes.​
    That is definitely not saying that the 50D is bad I'd say.
    He does write less favorable things about the AF of the T1i:
    Aside from having a relatively long shutter lag (which is very fast compared to most point and shoot models), the T1i's XSi-like 9-point wide-area AF system is not Canon's best sports/action AF system.​
    On the improve in high ISO performance he writes:
    The consumer-level Rebel delivers better image quality than the prosumer xxD. But, let's keep our heads on straight - these improvements are primarily at ISO settings that are best avoided in the first place and the 50D is a better camera in most aspects. Still, even identical image quality at this price is a bargain.​
    So yes, the T1i has better high ISO performance but only in the ranges that you shouldn't use. (To my eyes the difference is zero at 1600, tiny at 3200 and noticable at 6400 and 12800 which you should only use in an emergency.)
    On the AF he writes this in the 50D review:
    While not as fast as the 1-Series cameras, the 50D is definitely better than the Rebel series /xxxD cameras in the AF speed and accuracy category. My keeper-rate experience from these bodies directly reflects this statement.​
    In short... it all depends on what you want to do with the camera.
    Now stop reading!
  16. What kind of subjects do you like to shoot? Which lens(es) do you intend on buying? If you're on a budget, I'd put the that extra $400 towards glass.
  17. Tuna (if that IS your real name),
    I'm getting the T1i. I don't see the point in buying higher end dSLRs, until you're at the pro level with your work, where little things (to me) would be a bigger deal (lower sensor noise, faster continuos shooting, etc). I don't see much advantage to a jump to the 50D, unless you're one of those folks who prefers a larger body. I'm not one of those. I'd highly recommend the 5D mk2 over the 50D if you feel like going about the entry level stuff.
    You'd have a hard time going wrong with either camera, though. You might also consider the Nikon D5000, even though I'm canon guy, if I were buying into the system right now, I might go with that one. They're a bit better on noise reduction but you lose a little detail with that model. I kind of like the lens options that Canon has versus Nikon, but I think Nikon's stuff is a bit more intuitive for controls and they hit a lower price point in the case of the entry-level options.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to get.
  18. Dear Keith, Yes Tuna is my real name, Actually it is a river's name at east europe, And my family thought It will be funny if I will met with english speeking people :D But it is my real name...
    But Nikon is not an option for me, since I already have some nice lenses for Canon.
    Dear Matthijs, Your advice was the one of the best ones "Now stop reading!" I like it Thanks
    As I said at the beginin, I wanted to buy a 5D Mk II, but because budget problems I agree to buy a lower model. Now after all these reviews and comments, I agree to buy a 500D (T1i) for now as a backup camera and Save some money then several months later I will buy a 60D (It will relase end of this summer) or 5D MkII as prime camera. I think it will be the best for me. But If I don't have a chance to buy another camera definitly I would choose 50D

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