50 Years Ago - November 1964

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  1. Welcome to November 1964. Let us start by looking at what 2 1/4 cameras were available.
  2. Let's see what Patricia Caufield has to say in this month's column.
  3. Do you have problems taking pictures of strangers? Herb Keppler to the rescue.
  4. Let's take a look at the Coffee Break column.
  5. Now let us take a look at that camera they were talking about.
  6. Here is the Well Traveled Camera column.
  7. 220 film is being introduced.
  8. This month's Too Hot to Handle column.
  9. This month's Modern Tests.
  10. This month's camera equipment ads.
  11. This month's dealer ads.
  12. That is it for November 1964. All comments and suggestions are welcome.
  13. Thanks Marc, another great read. Interesting article on the Vidax, now an eminentable collectable "also ran", and Keppler's "Well-Travelled Camera" column made me feel shockingly under-equipped. Altogether a great post for a wet morning in NewZealand.
  14. One thing I noticed in the review of the Alpa was that it had a third photocell to cancel out stray light from the viewfinder. That seems like an awfully nice feature.
  15. Oh what a great memory! Sabre 620 camera... my first camera! Mine was beige.
  16. Great look back, Marc. Thanks.
  17. Thanks for posting the articles on the Vidax - which is a new one for me. I have a Voigtlander Bessa II and have wished for a long time that it had a focusing mechanism that rides on dual rack and pinion rails like on a Graflex or Welta Weltu 6x9.

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