50 Years Ago - June 1964

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  1. Welcome to June 1964.
    We start with an interesting article titled "The World's Most Unusual Camera Store". See for yourself.
  2. What would a magazine be without another camera show to do a report.
  3. This month's Modern Tests tests the Olympus Pen F.
  4. Well Pop Photo does the same.
  5. Here are a few words from Keppler.
  6. This month's Too Hot to Handle.
  7. SLRs without a moving mirror? Never happen.
  8. Trends in 35mm.
  9. How bad is B&W printing?
  10. Color clinic.
  11. Popular Photography editorial.
  12. This month's camera equipment ads.
  13. This month's dealer ads.
  14. That is it for this month. All comments and suggestions are welcome.
  15. Marc-
    Can't thank you enough for sharing these enormously entertaining archives. I always look forward to them!
  16. I too have been enjoying these time capsules. This week's posting brings back memories of a Zeiss Ikon folder that I kept for a few years with the Wallace Heaton gold seal on the back.
    Best Regards,

    Andrew in Austin, TX
  17. Ah the Pen F. Still have one and still one of my favorite carry every place camera. That 50 to 90 f3.5 is a beast though. I only bring it along if I need a specific focal length that is not covered by one of my primes and that is usually a tripod shot.
  18. Another great read, Marc. I do enjoy re-reading Keppler's stuff; he was always entertaining and informative. The article on "Trends in 35mm" made some accurate predictions, too. Again, many thanks.
  19. Chuck - Glad you are enjoying them.
    Andrew - I hope someone else has a camera with one of their stickers. Did you buy your camera new?
    John - I use to have a Pen FT. I wish I still did. Like most Olympus cameras they go best with small primes.
    Rick - Some of the smaller columns, like the "Trends in 35mm" , have the most interesting stuff when looking back from our perspective.
  20. Funny. Keppler wants to carry compact and light....with a Nikon F Photomic and zoom lens! Times have changed.
  21. Thanks, Marc. I loved the Keppler piece, I'm always debating the taking vs leaving gear questions with myself.

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