365 Day Thread for 2021

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, Dec 31, 2020.

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    Here's some more Minolta SR-T 101 action, 58 mm/1.4 MC Rokkor. 1/60, f5/6, Fujicolor Superia 400

  2. For Oct 21, a shot of the remnants of the Ohio & Erie Canal system locks in Lockville, Ohio USA. Taken on a Universal Roamer II 6x9 folder, Arista Ultra 100 b&w film, HC-110, Epson V600.
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    Here's a photo, taken with my Nikomat FTn, 50 mm/f1.4 Nikkor. Fujicolor C200 film was used, Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 1/125 second, F5.6

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    Here's some more Nikomat FTn photos. I used a 50 mm/f1.4 Nikkor lens. Fujicolor C 200 film, and a Gossen Luna Pro external meter. Great Smoky Mountains National Park near the Sinks. Lots of walking that trip, a weeks worth for me with Cerebral Palsy (I still have left over tiredness from this trip). Life with a hip 1" shorter than the other, only gives me challenges and opportunity. I work hard physically for my images.

  5. Like your picture. B&W seems most fitting..
    Have you seen the parts of the Miami-Erie canal at Piqua and New Bremen, Ohio? At Piqua you can take a canal boat ride. New Bremen has an intact lock section.
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  6. Thanks David. I have not seen those sections yet but will definitely put them on my list. It's amazing how extensive the canal system was in Ohio.
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  7. By my count I think the 24th is due for an image. I may have used this one a year or two back.
    wheel, Minolta SRT 202 with HP5+ (don't remember the lens, but likely around 100mm)
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    Here's another Nikomat FTn photo, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Sinks. 50 mm/f1.4 Nikkor lens. 1/125 second, F5.6

  9. For the 26th. Kiev 88CM : 80mm Volna-3 f/2.8 : Arista EDU Ultra 400 : PMK Pyro


    Irony copy.jpg
  10. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Here is our daily photo for Oct. 27th. Zenit 11, Mir-1V 37/2.8, Ektar 100. Taken in 2010.

    Quarai Ruins, Zenit 11 Mir-1V 37 2.8.jpg
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  11. For the 28th
    T70_00001_Duif in boom.jpg
    Trying out the Canon T70 FD 35-70 mm f2.8-3.5 SSC with Kodak Colorplus 200
  12. For the 29th: Mamiya 645 1000S : Mamiya-Sekor 55-110 mm f/4.5N : Kodak T-Max 400 : PMK Pyro

    @ Cuckoo

    Cuckoo copy.jpg

  13. For the 30th.
    1980's image scanned from a print (most likely done with a Minolta X700 and 50mm macro
  14. For the 31st
    Trying out the macro ,ode of the FD 35-70 mm f2.8-3.5 SSC lens on a T70.
    It's not very macro ;-)
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  15. For the 1st. Mamiya 645 1000S : Mamiya-Sekor 55-110 mm f/4.5N : Kodak T-Max 400 : PMK Pyro


  16. For the 2nd
    Mustangs, Rollei B35, Plus-X
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    For the 3rd, Maryville, TN. Bike shop mural. NIkomat FTn, 50 mm, f1.4 Nikkor lens. Kodak Ektar 100 film, Gossen Luna Pro.

  18. For the 4th. Nikon F2 : 50mm Nikkor f/2 : Ilford FP4 Plus : PMK Pyro


    Frond copy small.jpg

  19. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    For Nov. 5th (or 6th). FED 50 Automat, ColorPlus 200. Colorado, Sept. 2021.

    Resort, FED 50.jpg

    Cascade Village
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  20. For the 7th - Plitvice park, Croatia, 2018. Super-Isolette, FP4+


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