365 Day Thread for 2021

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  1. Thanks ] and Mike. For the 8th, fishermen in Sarandí wharf, Montevideo.

  2. AJG


    For August 9: Contax II w/3.5 cm f/4.5 Orthometar, Tri-X in HC 110, Dilution B _IMG8679PN.jpg
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  3. AJG


    For August 10: Contax II, 5 cm f/2 Sonnar w/Contameter, Tri-X in HC 110 dilution B (see earlier post from August 7 for the camera/lens) _IMG8688PN.jpg
  4. For 11 August, a favorite from my most recent batch of film photos from the Allentown (Pennsylvania) Dirt Drags at Allentown Fairgrounds, 4th of July, 2021. Prakitca LTL camera with its 50mm Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar lens. Film a bit uncertain, possibly Tri-X 400.

  5. For the 12th . Nikon FE : 35-70mm Nikkor f/3.5-4.5 : Ilford FP4 Plus : PMK Pyro

    The Square August.jpg
  6. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    For the 13th. Kiev-19, MC Helios-81 50/2, Ektar 100.

    Church House, Kiev-19 MC Helios-81 50 f2.jpg
  7. Another Place, Another Time. San Jose, Calif. 1981. Pentax K-1000 & 50mm. Unknow Color Neg Material. 2k21-SJ Ca-SJ st Fair 82 ces13 bm.jpg
  8. I will take 15th. Exakta VXIIb, Sonnar 135 mm lens. These maids have been holding their charge since the 1920s in Rodo park, Montevideo.

  9. For the 16th
    Once there was a magnolia tree- I cut it down but had someone grind up the stump, Olympus XA, Pan F+
  10. For the 17th. Canon T-70 : 28-80mm Soligor C/D f/3.9-4.9 : Ilford FP4 Plus : PMK Pyro



  11. I'll take the 18th.
    once a ticket window at the movie theater, Konica Auto S2, Kentmere 100
  12. Catching up! For the 19th. Bronica ETRs : 40mm Zenzanon MC f/4 : Arista EDU Ultra 100 : PMK Pyro


  13. I'll make up for the 20th-
    landscaping, Minolta SRT 102 with Sigma 24mm f 2.8, Panatomic-X (cold stored and processed in HC110 dil. H
  14. For the 21st, bullfighting ring in Ronda, Spain. Pentax Spotmatic, 35/2 (IIRC).

  15. ]


    Here's some Kodak Colorplus 200 I shot last week. Olympus 35 RC. 35/2.8 Zuiko. 1 1/250 second.

  16. For the 23rd. An ornamental star created by school children to celebrate the beginning of the Maori year. Canon EOS 30 : Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L : Astrum Foto 100 : PMK Pyro


    Matariki copy.jpg
  17. We're a day behind so here's one to fill in for the 24th-
    Best Buy parking lot at Tupelo, Rollei B35, Fuji Superia 200
  18. The 25th is still open if anyone has an image.
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  19. ]


    Here's some more ColorPlus 200, Olympus 35RC, 40/f2.8, 1 1/250. Kingston, TN. Adaptive Waterski clinic and gathering. Patricia Neal IRC (Innovative Recreation Cooperative), I am a charter member. Began in 1992-1993. And discovered so much through them I could do, which wasn't possible before that. And learned many a wheelchair sport through the IRC's help. Based at Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center in Knoxville, TN. Cerebral Palsy, Hip and leg length issues, and Spina Bifida, only challenge me. NO LIMITS even at age 57.

  20. For the 26th.
    last winter, but film only processed recently, Pentax ZX-7 with 50mm f 2.8 Macro, Fuji Superia 200

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