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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by bms, Jun 5, 2009.

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    After the recent threads re LX3/D-LUX4, I thought I'd share the following. I just returned from a trip to Europe where I used the D-LUX 4 with a 21 mm Voigtlaender external viewefinder. The Panasonic for the LX3 VF was sold out, the dedicated Leica one too expensive ($395 or whatever it costs is just pathetic IMHO). Some people have reported favorable results with the 25mm VC finder, but I read it has only 93% coverage. ... so as I have a 21mm VC lens with the finder, why not try it?
    It worked surprisingly well. I thought I'd be much too wide but the upper left corner (if held horizontally) matches up pretty well under 'street conditions' ( a few meter distance). And Stephen Gandy has it for $128.
    PS: the more I use the little bugger (DLUX 4), the more I like it....
  2. Question: Why did you use an external viewfinder?
  3. Good to know. I'd also thought about using the VC 21mm viewfinder (which I already own) if I bought a D-LUX4/LX-3. You can usually find the VC 21 lens and viewfinder for less than Leica's dedicated D-LUX viewfinder alone.
  4. Have the 21mm v/c finder also (came with the lens I bought used), and it's a nice finder by the way.
    Now I guess I'll have to get one of the compact digital cameras with a wide lens.
    [Sarcastically] Thanks a bunch, Ben :)
  5. Nice shot, Benjamin! Has anyone tried to use auxiliary finders with the D-Lux 4 at focal lengths other than fully wide? I suppose you could check the view in the 24, 28mm, 35mm (etc.) finder and then zoom the lens to match that FOV.
    @Steve: with the finder you could hold the camera up to your eye instead of out in front. It could be faster, and also at slow speeds you could brace the camera better against yourself.
  6. I am still a little confused on this viewfinder issue. If the viewfinder is 21mm and the lens of the D-Lux at its widest is 24mm then the viewfinder is only useful at 24mm. At 60mm on the other end of the lens (zoom) it would be useless? Am I correct?
  7. I just order a Leica 12012 that is, 21mm, earlier version, plastic, form Adorama Used Department for $145. According many reviews it is still better than the C/V 21mm.
    Just thought to give an alternative.
  8. "At 60mm on the other end of the lens (zoom) it would be useless? Am I correct?"
    essentially yes although one can take an educated guess.
  9. Steve, I think the aux finder idea is confined to shooting at or near one specific focal length. If you know you want to shoot at, say 28mm, then you would use that finder, and, I imagine, zoom the lens until the image on the LCD panel matches the FOV seen in the finder. Then there is an option to turn off the LCD panel by selecting the external finder option in the menu.
  10. Excellent suggestion Benjamin. I've been using the V 25mm finder, but tested the 21mm finder yesterday and actually found it more accurate . Love the D lux 4 as a light street camera for b&w in NYC where I've almost always shot with an M and an old Canon 25mm lens, the little one.
    The guy I got mine from had a heavy kind of boot lace as a strap which works beautifully( I wear the camera very high on my chest most of the time), and have "customized" mine with a filter holder to protect the lens and the Leica grip which works well but strangely doesn't match the finish, and is of course silly expensive for what it is.

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