20D - ERR99 - Ever find a solution?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by bdp, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. bdp


    I was shooting a wedding Saturday, and about 1000pics into it, I get ERR99.
    Pulled batteries, CF, Lens, didn't go away.

    Has anyone every found a solution to this and it's fix?
  2. Did you search the archives?
  3. are you using non-canon batteries and a grip?
  4. Read the post directly below yours, and as mentioned, do an archive search. Also, which lens are you using?
  5. From all the anecdotal evidence I've read, it seems to relate to lens communication issues.

    All seem to get it occasionally - some a lot more with 3rd party lenses.

    Some felt that the latest firmware reduced the incidence of it.

    First (preventative) step is to clean both camera and lens contacts.


  6. Has anyone every found a solution to this and it's fix?

    In answer to this Q, Had happen a couple of times during events, One was a result of changing lenses after a Sigma 15 30 diaphram failed. and put on a canon lens that had not been used for a while =Err99. Fix, cleaned contacts lens & camera with pencil araser. as pointed out prevention by keeping all clean. 99 is a common error measage so heaps of info is around.
  7. I've used a 20D for 1.5 years and have yet to experience ERR99, so I assume it was fixed later in the model run (came with latest FW). I use the grip/battery pack (gold contacts) and lighter lenses like the EF-s 17-55 2.8 IS USM, EF 200 2.8L USM and 300 4L USM. I don't use Sigmas and have never touched the lens mount contacts.
  8. Bob, you don't mention the lens you are using or whether on not you bumped or knocked the lens - err 99 is a generic message. I first noticed it on a 300D (Rebel) about 4 yrs ago using a standard 18-55mm lens. I'm not sure if the message first started after i had dropped the lens. But for the best part of 3yrs I put up with the problem . I tried the lens out again on a 30D last week and as soon as I took a shot in low light it seemed to trigger the err 99. It then did it about 30 times out of 1000 shots over the next couple of days in outdoor light on the 30D. So, in my case it definitely is a lens issue. Now i have to figure out what exactly is 'specifically' causing the err 99, because as mentioned above, it's a generic message that could be caused by a number of electrical impulses between lens and body communication.
  9. Bob, i've also tried cleaning both the lens and body but it made no difference. But try cleaning anyway. I use my equipment heavily in salt air everyday, so it's possible there is corrosion in the lens electrical.
    Did you try another lens and see if the err 99 goes away. I vaguely remember a friend of mine having a similar problem 2yrs ago where the err 99 wouldn't go away.
  10. I had this on my 20D twice. First time I just reseated the lens. The second time I had to pull the battery. Had the camera for a couple of years. Can't remeber which lens it was though. Had the Canon grip as well.
  11. bdp


    I should have been more detailed when I wrote the original answer: I know about the ERR99, I checked the archives, I know about taking out the batteries, CF, and removing the lens and then replacing them. This particular error locked up the camera to the point I couldn't reset it and had to use my backup camera at a wedding. It eventually reset after 10 or 15 minutes when I could get back to the camera to take a look at it.

    I was using 20D w/Batt grip, on a Custom Bracket Frame, a Canon 16-35, Tamron 28-75 and Canon 70-200 lenses all day. I had the 16-35 on for about an hour or so before I got the error.

    I'm just curious, if there was ever a final correction for this problem. I have the most recent FW update.
  12. I had the problem with my 20D. I traced the source back to either the battery grip or the quantum battery pack that charged my flash unit. I've never had this problem when these two devices were not attached to the camera.
  13. Bob--I know there never was an "official" correction to the problem, and don't think there was any "unoffical" one either, whether by Canon or any other. I've had less than 10 instances of ERR 99 on my 20D, which I got in March 2005, and used heavily shooting weddings every weekend. Some of those instances, I don't know the cause. Some of them were due to lens mounting. None of them caused a lock-up I couldn't clear by turning the camera off and then on. Sometimes the camera just freezes and doesn't report the ERR 99 on the LCD. Interestingly, I use the 16-35mm lens a lot too, and it is the one that causes the mounting problems.
  14. There will never be a final correction to ERR99. It's a generic error code that the camera displays whenever it can't figure out what other more specific error code to display. Lots of things fit into that scenario, and no matter how many of them Canon rectifies there will always be another.

    As to possible causes; poor connection of the battery grip has been shown to be a cause. (This was supposedly fixed in newer grips, but may still be causing you issues.) Also the 70-200 f/2.8L is a known cause, but you state that you were using the 16-35, so that's not likely it. Perhaps your camera has developed an L phobia. :)

    I have two 20D's and I can't recall ever having an ERR99, but I can certainly understand the frustration.
  15. Jim--I wouldn't be at all surprised if the 20D has L phobia. Stands to reason since I don't think Canon ever intended for it to be used by professionals as much as it was, and is. The 16-35mm is the only L lens I use for weddings, and the only one to actually cause a freeze-up. All of my other lenses are Canon non-L primes and they never cause a problem.
  16. I think err 99 is about the biggest frustration in using Canon gear. It happens with most
    Canon bodies, even brand new 1D Mark III's and its impossible to diagnose, even Canon has
    trouble finding the cause; they will do repairs or tweaks that don't solve the problem. In the
    end, a huge failure can result such as a failed shutter.

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