16-35mm lens problem?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by long_zhu, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. I've been using my brand new 16-35mm VR lens with D700 for over a week now. A few times I have got two dark corners. They seem to happen only zooming 20mm - 16mm and do not happen all the time. Also the lens seems to have some black dots (only can be seen by facing it against bright sky). They all seem to be inside the lens as I have tried to clean the lens and it doesn't help. attached is one of the pics. Not sure if the lens's got some sort of defects (not sealing well for dust and moisture) as I was in Venice shooting. thanks.
  2. 1. Dark corners: Did you have a filter on? If yes, try not using the filter. You don't even have to take any pictures. If it's there, you can see it without turning the camera on. Did you use the right hood ? and put the hood on in correct position? Try without the hood to see if there is anything different
    2. Black dots: more likely they are something sticked on your sensor. Do a sensor dust test
  3. Did you have a lens hood/shade on?
    If yes, you might not have turn that all the way and locks it.
  4. No, I didn't use a filter. I use the hood comes with the lens. The two dark corners come and go. That's why I am thinking it may be related to moisture. thanks John.
    Just saw Tom's reply. I didn't check the hood. That could be the cause. will check if it happens next time. thanks!
    update: I've just managed to reproduce the problems (dark corners). It's the hood (when it is not tight all the way) causing the problem. Thanks John and Tommy!
  5. The two diagonally opposed dark corners could very well be a lens hood that is not properly locked in the correct position. Presumably you are using the HB-23 hood? Make sure it is properly installed on the front bayonet mount and turned until you here it click and lock into place.
    Do you see black dots in photos of blue sky or do you actually see black dots when looking directly into the lens? The first would be sensor dust. The second could be anything.
  6. It's the lens hood, I have the same problem with some of my lenses. The moment the hood is not in place properly this vignetting problem occurs. Turn until it locks. Or send the lens to me, and wait for eternity....
  7. Michael /Arthur,
    The dark corners were caused by improperly positioning of the hood. I only seem to see black dots on the lens through the viewfinder. I don't see any block dots on the photos from the computer monitor. I'm wondering if these very small black dots were caused by lenspen which I've used for cleaning.? Although I've used lenspen for the other DX lens and it was fine.
  8. I'm glad it's solved. It would have driven me nuts to detect this precisesly in Venice! Anyway, spending some days in Venice with a D700 and the 16-35 must have been a nightmare. For the memory cards I mean.
  9. Spots that you see in the viewfinder, but not in an image is 99% of the time dirt on your mirror.
  10. ... dirt on your mirror
    Focusing screen. The mirror is not in the plane of focus, and dust/dirt on the mirror is not rendered in sharp focus in the viewfinder.
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  12. Long:
    Very simple: your lens hood is not screwed on right. Ignore all the responses about sensor dust, filters, etc. I have a 16-35, and the lens hood is easily dislodged. At f5.6 a well centered version of this lens is excellent.
    Jim Meketa
  13. is it possible that these very small dots (almost like power) were caused by using Lenspen?
  14. One way to tell where the dust is located is remove the lens and look through the viewfinder, hold it up towards the sky. If you see dust, then clean your focusing screen, mirror and viewfinder.
  15. Rodney,
    here is what I've tried:
    1) removed 16-35mm off d700, and looked through the viewfinder towards the sky (without any lens), didn't see anything major particular (black dots). But did seem to see a few dots.
    2) put 16-35mm to my d60, looked through the viewfinder and everything was very clear.
    so does it mean there are some dusts on the d700 body (viewfinder/screen/mirror etc) and 16-35mm just magnify them?
    I've tried to clean viewfinder. but not sure how to clean focusing screen and mirror?
  16. You can use something like the arctic butterfly brushes on the mirror and screen. The rocket blower is good as well. Other non recommended methods (by manufacturer) that I have used over the years are canned air (very short bursts from a fair distance away) and wiping the mirror screen with a soft cloth. Please be careful and of course, I am not liable for any damage you do to your camera from using my suggestions. The reason they caution against canned air is some people are just stupid and blast away at the inside and can damage something, same thing with wiping inside.
  17. since all photos look fine, I will leave it for now. just not sure that D60 was used by my wife in the same condition / same time and it is fine but D700 is not?? I treated it very careful and didn't even change lens on it. I thought d700 is a lot more "solid" (protected)??
  18. 16-35 is a nice lens, I like it. But the hood looks silly... Or never mind, tighten it!

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