126 film

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by vick_vickery, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Anybody have a couple of rolls of cold-stored 126 color film they'd like to sell? I've got a Contraflex 126 SLR on the way off of eBay that I'd like to try out just for fun!
  2. Frugal Photographer sells 126 film, but it costs over $10 a roll. Just another option you could look into.
  3. Sometimes you can find the film on ebay or if there is a small "mom and pop" type store or drugstore nearby they might still have a roll or two of new old stock.
  4. Thanks, y'all...I spotted some Fujicolor on eBay and I'll look at Frugal!
  5. I've seen this once or twice on the bay.. no word on conditiion or cold storage but old! I remember Ralf Jakoel had a thread here on how to adapt 35mm to the cassettes so if the film is unusable the cassettes might be re-loadable! http://www.photo.net/classic-cameras-forum/00J0iI
  6. Got 8 Fujicolor ctgs. off of eBay...should be enough to play around with until I retire the camera to the collection shelf! :)
  7. Somebody needs to invent a device shaped like a 126 cartridge, with a CCD where the film plane used to be. There were a number of higher-end 126 cameras made over the years that might benefit from such technology.

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