1000+ watt seconds, battery powered and portable

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by derick_miller, May 21, 2016.

  1. What do you recommend that is capable of 1000+ watt seconds out of a single head and runs off of battery power?

    Elinchrom Ranger RX is currently at the top of my list.

    Profoto B7 is bigger, heavier and AFAIK no longer in production. I have used it and it is a nice unit. But I think Elinchrome has it beat on
    price, size and weight.

    Profoto B1 and B2 are out for being under-powered.

    I am not interested in solutions which gang together more than one head.

    Yes, I DO know that watt seconds are not the same from unit to unit, but it gets us in a similar ball park :).

    Main purpose: location portraits. Other uses: events, skateboarders in action, setting up an improvised studio for headshots, 3/4 etc.

    Do you know of any worthy contenders?
  2. Have you looked at the Hensel Porty II?
  3. I'd say you've got the correct choice already with the Elinchrom Ranger. Great location and action pack. Plus they have gotten very reasonably priced on the used market lately. Elinchrom modifiers are awesome and generally light and location shooting friendly.
    I'd suggest the Ranger RX Speed AS pack. Get the "A" head if you plan on doing straight action photography, or if you want to mess around with all the electronic trickery hypersync stuff then the "S" head may be the better choice with it's longer duration flash.
    Do a google search for "Elinchrom Ranger Lithium Battery" and you'll find info on how you can swap out the battery in the Ranger for a Lithium battery and take 5lbs off the weight of the pack, plus get added capacity. Definitely recommend this upgrade as well.
  4. >Have you looked at the Hensel Porty II?

    Next stop, Google :). Thanks, Ellis.
  5. Thank you for the golden tip about the Lithium swap option, Sheldon. I had never heard of this and was wondering why
    Elinchrom hadn't gotten onto that upgrade.
  6. I'm all for Profoto. The equipment is reliable and proven. If you can't swing a current generation, look at the B3 as well. I
    do prefer the light quality above anything else and remember a long time ago, when the Hensel Porty came out we had a
    Profoto head adapted to that pack. Worked fine, but as soon as Profoto introduced their battery units there was no turning
    back. So today I'm on the B4 and recently added the little B2 250 pack for increased mobility and extreme light weight
    backup if space/budgets are tight.
  7. Profoto B4
  8. I recently received my Tronix Explorer XT3. I was impressed about the power. It gives me upto 2400 watt seconds. The Tronix Explorer XT3 gives fast recycling time in my Elinchrom BXRi 500. It is similar when I plugged it to wall socket. The unit offers two 115 volt outlets,so it can power two monolight strobes, or conceivably two power supplies.

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