“Lost” Robert Frank Photos Found in NY Times Archive

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  1. From the Photo District News website:
    “Lost” Robert Frank Photos Found in NY Times Archive

    A series of photographs Robert Frank made in 1958 on commission for The New York Times, which were once thought lost, have been discovered in the Times‘ archive. The photographs are featured today on the Times‘ Lens blog.
    A year before he published his groundbreaking book The Americans, Frank was hired to create the photographs by Louis Silverstein, a longtime art director at the Timeswho headed the promotions department at the time. The images were used for a promotional book distributed to Times advertisers.
    The images depict New Yorkers, many of them carrying or reading copies of theTimes, going about their business on the streets, in taxis, at the airport, and at notable locations such as Grand Central Station and the Statue of Liberty.
    Silverstein’s wife, Helen, recently discovered the prints, some of which were not published at that the time and have not previously been seen, in the Times‘ archive with the help of Jeff Roth, a Times archivist.
    Here is the link:
  2. Thanks, Michael. Quite a find. The article mentions, and the images confirm, that a number of those photos unmistakeably have Franks's "stamp" upon them.
  3. rnt


    Brings back fond memories of pushed Tri-X...
  4. Thanks.
    Reminds me that many photo magazine reviewers at the time violently disliked Frank's work.
    Of course at the time, there were still some shades of Mortensen's romantic posed portraits.... [retching sounds from behind the keyboard...]
  5. Inspiring work, even in today's context. His intelligent use of secondary as well as main subject elements is fine and worthy viewing for street photographers.

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