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Found 19 results

  1. A camera is set up on a tripod to capture a beautiful sunset in Phoenix Arizona.
  2. Artist: Sandy Vongries ; Exposure Date: 2016:08:18 15:32:26; Copyright: Pending ; Make: NIKON CORPORATION; Model: NIKON Df; ExposureTime: 1/400 s; FNumber: f/11; ISOSpeedRatings: 400; ExposureProgram: Aperture priority; ExposureBiasValue: 4294967294/6; MeteringMode: Spot; Flash: Flash did not fire; FocalLength: 600 mm; FocalLengthIn35mmFilm: 600 mm; Software: ViewNX 2.8 W;
  3. Hi Folks: Anyone know the manufacturer, or anything else about this tripod? I can't find any maker name on it, I'll be selling it, trying to identify it. Link: imgur.com <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/gskLtFp" data-context="false" ><a href="//imgur.com/a/gskLtFp"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  4. Hi, I am looking for a Tall Tripod or Travel Tripod. Idealy I would want one that I dont have to bend to use. I am 180.34M 18034 CM tall. I had my eye on the Leo Tripod by Three Legged Thing but its too short. My Camera is a Canon EOS 1200D Any Ideas anyone? thanks
  5. My new "career" as a nature photographer (since entertainment/corporate/fashion work is GONE for the time being) has forced me to acquire some new equipment for the task. The last thing I need to get is a travel friendly tripod and I simply can't find one that works for me. Can anyone tell me if this mythical beast exists? My must-have list: Lightweight, like in the 3 pound range. Presumably that means carbon fiber. I have a nice Kirk BH-3 head already. 55" maximum height WITHOUT using the center column (or close to that at least) Lever locks...I can't stand the twist locks. The lever lock thing alone eliminates a ton of possibilities. It seems 90% of what's available are twist locks, but I've never had anything but bad experiences and frustration with them so that's a deal breaker for me. So far I've looked at pretty much all the "travel tripods" out there including Peak Design, Manfrotto BeFree, Sirui, Gitzo, Benro...nobody has one that goes high enough or has lever locks. I appreciate any suggestions you kind folks may have. Thanks!
  6. Hey all, I do quite a bit of overhead photography. I need tripod set up advice. Primarily, I’m trying to figure out where to put my money to have a decent set up that is easy to use (emphasis on easy) and not too expensive (under $300. Under that even better). For now, I’ve cobbled together a system from things that I already have that works OK, but has inconveniences. I took my Benro MC-63n6 Monopod with a Really Right Stuff head and clamped it to my tripod with a Manfrotto Super Clamp. Tripod is a Bogen 3205 with a Bogen 3047 head. This is OK. Could be more stable. Takes time to get it level because the monopod and quick release plate are not easy to align. My biggest problem is that the Really Right Stuff quick release angle plate that I have was for a Canon 40D. It fits my 7D OK but on my 5D MKIII, it isn’t great. It can screw on, but it’s angled and slightly gauging the camera body. Also, difficult to put any cables at the side of the body. Here are my considerations / options - EG. Where do I put my money? Is this set up worth putting more money into it or starting fresh? I could order a Really Right Stuff plate for the Canon 5D MKIII - but it will have to come from America (I live in France now) so with shipping it’s going to cost probably at least $70. The plate for the Canon 5D doesn’t have the angle, so it won’t be such a hassle either. I could buy a different head for the monopod. Again, cost somewhere between $35 - $200 depending on head. I could buy an actual tripod arm with head - again, cost over $100 I could buy one of these new tripods with the easy to use lateral arm like K&F Concept or Benro Go Plus. Thanks for your input.
  7. I recently purchased a tripod second hand that was fitted with a Manfrotto 141rc head, but missing the quick release plate, so I did what any cheapskate would do and bought one on eBay. Methinks perhaps I have cheaper myself too much. Is this “right” and I’m doing something wrong, or are the manufacturing tolerances too far off here? First two pictures show the plate installed on the tripod, in either direction. Should the lever close further than it does? I don’t know that plate orientation on the camera really makes any difference, but it actually closes further when the plate is installed “backwards,” that is, the lens arrow would be pointing back towards the lever. The two sides are shaped slightly differently. The last picture attempts to show the plate flat across the bottom when it is installed on a camera. The little floppy half ring you use to tighten it won’t fold down all the way flat, unless I’m doing something wrong. Can anyone advise? Basically, is this usable, or do I need to suck it up and buy the real Manfrotto plate?
  8. I'm looking for a tripod mainly for long exposures...that won't break the bank. Realistically I'm not going to be flying around the world with this so size and weight are not my top concerns. That said I will be doing landscapes so I have to get it from the car to the photo spot. The Mefoto Road Trip gets good reviews and at $150 looks nice, but maybe too lightweight. The Globe Trotter even more robust and still in my price range. How do they compare in stability to say the Manfrotto 290 xtra. Clearly different categories but which is more stable? (i.e. just because it's heavier is it better?). Also the Geekoto is reasonably priced in carbon fiber...besides being lighter does that make it less prone to vibration? Thanks for your incites...Will
  9. Hi, if you're on a boat in a lake, and using a tripod with a gimbal head (I'm using the Canon 100-400 m2, Manfrotto tripod and Nest NT-530H MKII gimbal), would you leave stabilisation ON or OFF?
  10. I recently bought a three way tripod head with 3 bubble levels on it. Even with all of this I just can’t seem to make properly levelled pictures with it. I’m doing everything correctly; the head is not mis-threaded, the camera’s weight does not exceed the limit, and I’m setting everything according to the bubble levels (2 at a time). So why do I still get consistently slanted pictures? This issue is important for me, because I use a film camera with no hot-shoe on top, so its a must to level the camera with the tripod head.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm looking at buying a used Gitzo locally but it doesn't come with the centre plate (see photos below). This is a Gitzo Systematic 3542LS which seems like a great model and the used price is a good deal. I'm hoping to replace my much more entry level Manfrotto with it, to get better stability and easier setup/takedown. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with the top mounting plate piece that a new one sells with. If it doesn't affect use I'd like to buy it, but not if it's crucial. So maybe a Gitzo owner can chime in if they know?? (cross posting this from Rangefinderforums in hopes of getting an answer before it's gone) Do I need this piece to attach a tripod head to or no? If I don't have it, what will I miss out on that I might not be aware of? I'm worried there's something I'm not thinking of besides the bag hook, or that it totally won't work without this plate. Basically, if I buy this would I then have to replace that missing piece ($100 or so) or can I do fine without it? Here's the image of the tripod legs I'm considering, without the piece: And here are a couple of shots of the "normal" look when the piece is in place: Finally here's a picture of the replacement piece (I think that's it anyway) from B&H Photo:
  12. Leitz Tiltall Professional 4602 tripod in Delhi, India The Tiltall was designed by the Marchioni brothers of Rockleigh, NJ, in 1946. From 1973 it was made, virtually unchanged, by Leitz USA (also in NJ). Materials aircraft aluminium and machined brass. Length 30 inches collapsed, 70 inches extended. Reversible centre column. Camera thread 1/4". Colour black. Complete and fully functional, with no damage anywhere. Must be collected from my home in Delhi, India. I cannot send it anywhere. Coffee shall be provided.
  13. I’m in search of a Gitzo 1548 tripod for some back country timelapse photography. If you have one that you no longer use or would just like to make room in your collection and part ways with, please let me know.
  14. I'm looking for a great travel tripod. Everything I read seems to point towards a mefoto air as the best current travel setup. I'm not sure this isnt just amazing marketing on their part, which I fall prey to every time. Is it great? The price certainly is. Is there anything better? I'm going to be using a variety of cameras on this btw. But nothing over 3kg at the very most
  15. I want to buy a Manfrotto BeFree Advanced tripod. It comes in two configurations - with lever locks or with twist locks on the legs. My previous Manfrotto had lever locks, which I was perfectly happy with. What are the pros and cons of the two locking systems? Is one particularly suited to some use case, and the other more suited to a different use case? Or does it just come down to personal preference? (I've noticed that the version with the lever locks is just slightly heavier.) Befree Advanced Aluminum Travel Tripod twist, ball head Befree Advanced Aluminum Travel Tripod lever, ball head
  16. Hi all, Im looking to start recording and tracking the moon at night. Im wondering what Camera, Lens and Tripod for best value would be out there. Sorry but im not very experienced in the field but im slowly looking to get into it. Thanks for any replies
  17. I'm a relatively new Gitzo 1542T owner. The 1542T is designed to be usable both with and without the centre post. I've practiced taking the centre post in and out a few times, and I'm not sure reassembling the tripod correctly. When I extend the centre post, it slides right back down. I can't seem to make it lock in place, even when I twist the twist-lock collar at the base of the centre post (it looks similar to the twist lock on the tripod legs). When I use the tube shaped thing on the centre column, I can make the centre column stay in place when it is extended. However, when I look at photos on the internet, it looks as the the centre column is meant to stay extended without using the tube shaped thing. For some reason the tripod did not come with diagrams or a manual, and as a result I can't be confident of my attempts at reassembling the tripod.
  18. Hello everyone, and thank you very much for your help. I'm looking to buy a tripod for my Nikon D80. My budget is $100-150 for now (hopefully, I'll upgrade to a better one in the future). I am 6'3" tall. I enjoy hiking, so good portability would be a plus. I am undecided between these two tripods: Slik Pro 700DX: $100 alone or $140 with 3-way Pan head, supports 15 lbs, maximum height 74", weighs 7 lbs, folded length 30', 3 leg sections with flip locks. VidPro At-72 Venturemaxx 72": $105 with 33mm ball head and Arca-Swiss style quick release system, supports 20 lbs, maximum height 72", weighs 4 lbs, folded length 20', 4 leg sections with twist locks. The VidPro At-72 seems to have better specs and a lower price, but is it good quality? The Slik Pro 700DX has good reviews online: would you recommend buying this tripod for $100 and then adding a ball head, or going for the $140 version that includes a 3-Way Pan Head? Thank you very much!
  19. Hi, I use a manfrotto tripod - model 055 xprob with center column. I had a manfrotto 490 ballhead and switched to arca swiss monoball z1 sp. The manfrotto ballhead , is much taller , though having lower load capacity. While shooting photos, I sometimes find the manfrotto tripod to be little short , with the arca swiss ballhead. I am raising the center column of the tripod. Is this a good idea?
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