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Found 3 results

  1. asp1


    1/200, f13, 200 ISO, 2 sb800 (1/27 and 50mm) and sb600 (1/2 and 14mm)
  2. Hello, I'm interested in using a Godox Propac PB-960 battery pack with a Nikon SB-800 and have a few questions. 1) I recently purchased a used SB-800 and when I hold the flash with hot shoe down and "Nikon SPEEDLIGHT SB-800" facing me, the pin on the left comes maybe half way up from the very bottom of the socket while the center pin and the right hand pin come very nearly to the top. I'm trying to decide if that is normal or not. I'll attach pics to try and show that. Can someone confirm that this is normal? The SB-800 manual starts with, of course, only use Nikon power packs. But then there is a table mentioning some Nikon units with different footnotes like "*1 With AA-type alkaline-manganese batteries in the SB-800" and "*2 With the same type of batteries in both the external power source and the SB-800". 2) Do I understand correctly that you need to have internal batteries installed as well as the external batteries connected for the SB-800? 3) Anyone have experience with the PB-960 + SB-800 combination and knows what type of battery needs to be installed internally in the SB-800 when using the PB-960? 4) Aside from the flash charge time is there an indicator or something that would let me know the external power is working correctly? Many thanks in advance. -Dan
  3. What is the best solution to use 2-5 off-camera flashes (SB-800, SB-5000) wirelessly with the D850 body? It must work at least to 30 m in distance, and each flash output level (Manual mode, 1/1 - 1/128) should be adjustable remotely at the body side. Ideally looking for a portable, travel friendly solution.
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