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Found 6 results

  1. This tilt head was specifically designed for monopods. The tilt head features a one-axis movement which allows the positioning of the camera for a vertical format with the monopod in the upright stance. The head supports up to 5.51 lb and has a tilting range of -90 to 90°, allowing a horizontal or a vertical position. The tilt head has a secondary safety lock, to prevent accidental unlocking. Will throw in 1 Manfrotto 200PL Quick Release Plate Selling because migrated to ARCA Swiss system. Retail value: ~$75-$80 Priced to sell at $45.00
  2. I recently purchased a tripod second hand that was fitted with a Manfrotto 141rc head, but missing the quick release plate, so I did what any cheapskate would do and bought one on eBay. Methinks perhaps I have cheaper myself too much. Is this “right” and I’m doing something wrong, or are the manufacturing tolerances too far off here? First two pictures show the plate installed on the tripod, in either direction. Should the lever close further than it does? I don’t know that plate orientation on the camera really makes any difference, but it actually closes further when the plate is installed “backwards,” that is, the lens arrow would be pointing back towards the lever. The two sides are shaped slightly differently. The last picture attempts to show the plate flat across the bottom when it is installed on a camera. The little floppy half ring you use to tighten it won’t fold down all the way flat, unless I’m doing something wrong. Can anyone advise? Basically, is this usable, or do I need to suck it up and buy the real Manfrotto plate?
  3. I'm looking for a tripod mainly for long exposures...that won't break the bank. Realistically I'm not going to be flying around the world with this so size and weight are not my top concerns. That said I will be doing landscapes so I have to get it from the car to the photo spot. The Mefoto Road Trip gets good reviews and at $150 looks nice, but maybe too lightweight. The Globe Trotter even more robust and still in my price range. How do they compare in stability to say the Manfrotto 290 xtra. Clearly different categories but which is more stable? (i.e. just because it's heavier is it better?). Also the Geekoto is reasonably priced in carbon fiber...besides being lighter does that make it less prone to vibration? Thanks for your incites...Will
  4. I’m in search of a Gitzo 1548 tripod for some back country timelapse photography. If you have one that you no longer use or would just like to make room in your collection and part ways with, please let me know.
  5. Hello, I bought a used Manfrotto 486RC2 ball head from Adorama that was supposed to come with the original QR plate but didn't. What's the Manfrotto model # of the QR plate for this head and would 200PL QR plate fit it? Thanks for your help. Gautam R.
  6. I'm a relatively new Gitzo 1542T owner. The 1542T is designed to be usable both with and without the centre post. I've practiced taking the centre post in and out a few times, and I'm not sure reassembling the tripod correctly. When I extend the centre post, it slides right back down. I can't seem to make it lock in place, even when I twist the twist-lock collar at the base of the centre post (it looks similar to the twist lock on the tripod legs). When I use the tube shaped thing on the centre column, I can make the centre column stay in place when it is extended. However, when I look at photos on the internet, it looks as the the centre column is meant to stay extended without using the tube shaped thing. For some reason the tripod did not come with diagrams or a manual, and as a result I can't be confident of my attempts at reassembling the tripod.
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