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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am getting a very strange orange bleed that is visible on the edge of my negatives and scans. https://imgur.com/a/URxVz#0 - these are someone else's images but my problem is identical. I have read it could be light pollution during scanning, but as it's on my negatives I can rule this out. I suspected a light leak, but my understanding is that light leaks should bleach, due to more light hitting the negative, and also be less uniform. Therefore, by process of elimination it must be a development error at my lab? I sent a batch of film off recently, and 2 rolls of Ektar came back with this orange bleed, 1 roll of Ektar was fine, 1 roll of Portra 400 was fine and 2 rolls of black and white were fine - so it's quite random and seems to affect entire rolls and not individual images within a roll. Would be great to hear back from anyone else who has encountered similar problems. All the best.
  2. Hi all! So, my favourite 67 camera has always exhibited a frustrating light leak since I've had it (happens on both my 67 and my 670, which initially made me think it was me, though that's since been ruled out by the tests below) — not on every frame, varies in intensity, and no discernible pattern (e.g. never on the same frames per-roll). The only consistent thing is that it's always the same spot on the frame. I don't get leaks on any other MF cameras, so I'm 99.9% certain it's not me loading or unloading (have loaded/unloaded in a darkroom and changing bag, which hasn't stopped the leaks), have tested both cameras in a completely dark room with a full roll each, shining a bright torch at every possible orifice, and had Aperture in London replace light seals and check the bellows an additional time. I don't shoot with a hood, so there the potential of stray light somehow bouncing around at a very specific angle through the lens, but the leak is always in the same place on the negative, and has perfectly straight edges. Aperture can't figure out what's wrong, and a few folks I know who also own Makinas have never seen this sort of leak before. I find it really odd that it's essentially the same leak on both models, seeing as I purchased them from different people and they're years apart (hence initially believing it was me, but I've only ever had a leak on one camera before — my Hasselblad 500C/M — and it was a faulty seal on the back, so I'm pretty confident in my abilities to load/unload film at this point :) Some rolls don't have any leaks, some have 1 or 2, others have 4 or 5. As you can see from the attached photos, the leaks appear even in shots without direct light anywhere near the camera or subject matter… Any thoughts would be most appreciated — I use the cameras on client work, and have spent quite a few hours retouching leaks out of some otherwise fantastic frames over the last few years… o_O:D
  3. Hello all, First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this thread and adding your thoughts. I have a Olympus Stylus Epic that I like using when I would be a bit fearful of using a full-fledged SLR camera, like sea kayaking or rock climbing. I have noticed that occasionally, say 5-6 times in a roll of 36, there appears to be a light leak on the film. I have taped off the film viewport on the back and it still happens. I assume it must becoming from the lens or barrel based on the shape and the fact that the light stops at the film edge. I have taken a flashlight to the front and can't find anything obvious. So I have two questions: Can someone confirm (or deny) that this leak from the front lens or barrel? If so, as I assume no one is servicing these cameras any more, can someone offer some guidance on how to fix this issue? Thank you very much for your time! (Note: the photo is oriented as to how I believe it would be in the camera.)
  4. Hi guys, Im new in photography in general and decided to start taking some photos finally. To do so, i bought a Canon A1 w fd 50mm 1.8 l, aparently working well. So there I went, full of energy and joy, take my first pictures with that beauty. I developed my first film and searched for the results last week. I would like you to help me with someissues that are worrying me, if possible: - The main problem, the constant black stripes or lines in all the photos: mechanical problem, or what? If it is mechanical, as I think, what would it be? - Very white/overexposed photos: so, basically, ALL the photos went overexposed. Strange, because i took All of them in 1/60-1/500 shutter speed and 5.6-9fstop. Some of them fully automated too. Light leak, light measure problem, user error, what could it be? - Very shaky photos at night: what is the explanation? I was in a super fixed position. I used low speed 1/10, 1/1 and max aperture. The photos are below: Black stripes problem + overexposure problem: A010590-R1-17-19 ADA70660-52-F0-456-F-94-E3-2042-AD11092-F 66-E217-DF-1162-4713-8736-7-B33-A492-C248 93-CB2391-B171-4548-B370-36-B8-B3202-D15 Thank you for your great help now and for your patience!
  5. Hi there OK I know this isn't the best or proper Leica in many respects but I have a mini-zoom point and shoot and love it. Its a little slow and obviously a very low level Leica, probably the lowest but still I love it and photo quality is quite good I think for a point and shoot, don't judge me haha. Anyhow I got it relatively cheap a while ago. Annoyingly I see a common issue according to this thread is that they can be prone to the odd light leak, a ring in the top right corner if look at a photo taken in landscape or bottom (see photo examples in linked thread). They sometimes are there, maybe sometimes not. can anyone help me work out what might be causing it and if theres a fix. Theres very little info on it and people do seem to want to know so be great for me and the rest of us poor mini-zoom owners to see if theres much we can do about it. I read it could be due to a gear-wheel of the zoom which causes a reflection or light leak that reflects on the photo. Is that possible? and if so anything to be done about it? Any help much appreciated with this mystery.
  6. Hi all. I have been noticing light leaks of varying degrees of severity on the negatives coming out of my recently purchased Mamiya RB67. Not every frame has a visible light leak on it--some come out fine. However I developed two rolls of HP5 and the same negatives on each roll were affected. For example, the 9th exposure on each roll both had almost identical severe light leaks. The leaks always appear in the bottom left area of the frame (for landscape). What do you think could most likely be the cause of this? I contacted the sellers of the camera and they gave me some options on what to do. I could a) return the camera and get refunded, b) let them attempt to repair the camera, or c) exchange for a different back. If this is most likely just a problem with the camera back then I would want to go with the option of exchanging it. I'd appreciate any thoughts!
  7. Hello, I'm new to this website, and made an account just to post this thread. I recently picked up a Mamiya RB67 on ebay in pretty great condition, for a decent price. I've shot 1 roll through it and there seems to be pretty profound light leaks on my film, but only show up on some of my shots, not all of them I've read through a ton of forum posts and nothing seems to help. I've checked the bellows, clean. I've checked the film back with a flashlight, clean. My only assumptions is that the seals aren't good anymore. Any help is much appreciated
  8. Hi all, Apologies if you came across this note on another forum but I'm desperate to find a solution here. I've been playing around with a Yashica Mat 124G that my uncle gave me and am encountering an odd issue that affects virtually all my exposed negatives. Each frame has what looks like a light leak of varying degree in basically the exact same spot along the left side of the frame. Some show just a faint white overexposure, some show what looks like a full over exposure at the specific spot. Here are a couple examples: aschaef17 has shared 8 photos with you! I have to think it is some type of stray light hitting the negative but I've done my own investigating (shining a flashlight through the taking lens, etc.) and have not found anything that seems awry. Does anyone have any insight as to what could be causing this? I know I'm due for a CLA but I just want to try and figure this out because otherwise the camera works great. Thanks for any insight you may have!
  9. Hello analogue lovers I have a Hasselblad 500cm that recently has developed a light leak. I have taken it to several professional analogue repair shops that have said it is an unusual leak that they do not know where the light source is obviously coming from. Has anyone else ever found light leaks on their images like this before: (please see link below) Light leaks - Naomi Goddard Photography Any advice would be really really appreciated. Many thanks! Naomi
  10. My Father-in-law has a Nikon FE that I've been using recently. I noticed that it had some light leaks so I had the foam seals around the door replaced but that didn't solved the light leak issue. Today, I took a bright flash light and pointed it directly through the lens and viewfinder and I found two issues. 1. Shutter curtain allows a little bit of light when the curtain moves down while advancing to the next film. 2. Light from the viewfinder enter from around the sides of the mirror when it is flipped up, i.e during exposing. Do any of you have advice or know any resources on how to fix the shutter curtain and mirror? I'm ok with spending more than the camera's worth on repairs since this is my in-law's and they had this camera for over 30 years. I performed these tests in a dark room in a film changing bag with black electrical tape sealing the connection between the flash light and the lens and viewfinder. Here are some examples of the light leak. White haze in the middle Haze on the right side
  11. Hi guys, I'm a new member but I've always used these forums to diagnose issues with my Rolleiflex and Yashica Mat 124g. That being said, I just picked up an RB 67 Pro SD (to move away from TLRs) and all looked super clean/solid. However, upon receiving my first roll back I've been faced with this. Can anyone help me identify what might be the cause? I've asked a few film friends and they all think it has to do with either the back, how the film was rolled/loaded, or the shutter. I'm PRAYING it's not the shutter, however I notice that the marks are consistent with how the back orientation is set (if it were the shutter I believe the marks wouldnt have changed their position). Has anyone else had this issue? Any help would be amazing! Thank you.
  12. Hi there, I have a strange light leak on my Hasselblad. It seems to be coming from the top left. Now it’s not like other light leaks that I have seen, and I have taken the camera to two experts who do repairs, and they cannot work out. The camera is in great condition and I had it recently serviced. Any ideas? Also the light leak is not on the whole roll, just some of the exposures. Thanks, Robbie.
  13. Can any kind soul tell me what's going on with my M3? All the photos turned out fine except a few of these. I'm guessing it's a light leak? My camera was CLAd 2 years ago by Tamarkin Chicago. R
  14. Hello! I recently got back some film from my Contax G2 which typically produces great photos and is in mint condition. Most of the photos turned out perfectly normal-- but on a few of the photos from a couple of my most recent rolls, it appears as though there is an issue happening on certain occasions. The first one was the last photo in a roll, and the few with multiple images were side-by-side in the middle of the respective rolls. The photo of the door was in between 2 unaffected photos. Is this an issue with the camera? I am just so confused as to why its only happening on random occasions, whereas the rest of the rolls seem to turn out fine. Let me know if you know what's going on, any help appreciated!! Thanks!
  15. Hi, I've owned an AE-1 for some time now, and it's suddenly developed a rather alarming light leak problem. There is one on almost every photo, to varying degrees, in various places, but the common theme seems to be an orange stripe across the middle, blue stripe to the side. Here are examples from a roll taken recently: [click here]. Any thoughts on what this could be? Could this be a sudden fault in the mechanism? Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated :)
  16. Hello all, I've been using a Pentacon Six TL for several months, and I've noticed several images have dark streaks running vertically through the image. They all happen under similar circumstances, on images with bright sky, taking up much of the upper part of the photograph. I decided to search for the reason and found that similar streaks appeared due to processing error. I contacted the lab my film is processed at, and their response was that those streaks were light leaks. However, from my understanding light leaks would darken a negative, and create bright streaks on a positive. The streaks appear in similar places each time, which is why I initially agreed on a potential light leak. The more I consider, I'm still unsure if its a developing issue, a light leak, or if perhaps my camera's shutter moves at an inconsistent speed. I purchased the camera refurbished from a well-known seller on eBay so the camera was fully stripped and cleaned, so I'm somewhat skeptical about this issue. Please tell me what you might think, I've attached several photos below which show the issue at its worse, with clear density variations in what actually was a clear sky.
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