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  1. G) 70-200mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor


    Then save for 17-55 and to compliment the 70-200, TC-14E II 1.4x AF-S, AF-I Teleconverter.


    To see your images at f/2.8 with the backgrounds blurred will justify even more your passion for photography. The extender will take you a stop to f/4 but you will have 98-280...not to mention the 1.5x multiplier the D1x gives you on top of that.


    You have a good tool in the D1x...

  2. Some other tips to keep in mind...


    If you do buy in Japan -


    Make sure the digicam menus can be displayed in English...some dont. Most Fuji FinePix models are all in Japanese...Of course if you go to so-called Duty free shops in Akihabara, the 'export models' are English..(Spanish/French/German...)but you pay same or more than US proces.


    Make sure you trade in the Japanese manual for an English manual. Sometimes the biggies..Yodobashi/Bic run out of stock...in that case, you have to go a 'service center' to exchange...Nikon Service Center Shinjuku is right across the street from Bic...3 minutes walking to Yodobashi.


    You probably already know, but to qualify for 'Duty-Free' is to buy over 10,000 yen...approx $85. You will just save 5%. 5% is the consuption tax in Japan. The store will staple the receipt in your passport.


    For me, I am thinking of switching to Canon...Prices in the States are usually cheaper. Case in point...a 1D at B&H is about $3700. Bic/Yodobashi is 650,000 yen...(approx. $5500. I live here in Tokyo, but will buy my stuff in US next time I go 'home' for vacation.

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