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    Satellite pictures of cities at night. I'm sure there's some good fractal explanation on combining the two patterns. Might be interesting to display this picture alonbg with one of the satellite photos.
  1. Two points: I'm a lazy bufoon. This was taken pre-Olympus, with my antique-approaching Canon Canonet 28. Great camera, btw.


    The 'model' is a sculpture by Charles Pebworth on our table, the photo is of the shadow it (and the table) made on the floor in afternoon sunlight. The sculpture is titled "I could if I wanted to" and features a nude female figure with feathered arms on tiptoe.

  2. I was actually just snapping a shot to see if I could use a friend's download cords for my digital camera, but I liked it anyway. It's a Daft Punk vinyl record, blurred on the turntable.



    These are ordinary bubbles under blacklight. They're really hard to capture because the light is low and they're falling fast and all wobbly, so you have to compromise--I chose a fast shutter speed (no flash). I think that provides a better contrast. It'd be ideal if you did this in a bathroom where you have a longer time to take the picture before the bubble hits the floor.


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