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Image Comments posted by david_branum

    the look


    Well balanced exposure with good detail on the right side. Excellent picture.


    Looks like she has quite a few more years left. Wish I could hear the stories from her youth. In fact, you may want to capture those for posterity as well.

    Shrimp boat in fog


    I would have preferred to fill more of the frame with the boat, but I

    was at max with my 150 zoom and a 2x extender.

    I would appreciate feedback on this photo.

  1. I caught this near Pike's Market in Seattle. I wasn't sure about the

    angle to shoot from. Maybe higher would have been better?

    I appreciate any feedback. This is my school, you are my teachers.

  2. Not that I am accomplished at anything, but I am new to street

    photography (and people, I like scenery)--plus, my Seattle shots had

    to be quick takes.


    I would appreciate any input.

  3. This scanned pretty grainy or out of focus. Could it be because the

    print was matte finish and not glossy? (I forgot to request

    otherwise.) The

    photo itself shows brighter, crisper colors.

  4. I agree, more DOF would really be great.


    Personally, I like the contrast of the tulips and the "craggy, spidery trees".


    I feel that one of the goals of photography is to capture what appeals to us and what we like. Are we photographing simply for commercial purposes or to express ourselves and try to preserve images that we like? Hence, I think the originality thing is over-rated.

  5. First, the one man apparently laughing at the poor

    man really evokes emotion within me.

    Secondly, I am trying to understand the need for photo releases. How do you address photo releases for a photo like this, or do you just take a chance?

  6. It took about a roll of film to shoot a bird just where I wanted

    it to be.

    The question now is: does it work? I used a Soligor 150 zoom with a

    2x extender and was at maximum zoom. I would have liked to fill the

    frame a little more with the sun and bird.

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